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Homeless Assistance :: essays research papers fc

a. Issue Should the stateless helper plan in Sacramento be reformed to give more money to the homeless while allowing them to apply to the plan more than at in one case?b. FactsCurrently in Sacramento, the homeless can apply for homeless aid further once in their lifetime except for certain mitigate situations. The current program is a success. The amount of people in the program living below the poverty line has happenen 21% in the last seven years. Since 2000, the amount of families applying for the program has dropped 69%. Experts claim the fall in numbers comes from the fact that people cant apply more than once. In 1996, the homeless were allowed to apply for assistance more than once in their lifetime, yet this was diverged as the experts thought there were too numerous abuses. Now the only time one can get assistance more than once is if the family finds itself homeless again because of domestic violence, the sudden inhabitability of their home, or certain mater ial or mental illnesses. While these exceptions are good and cover a good deal, they dont get most of the homeless. The program also comes with certain snags. iodine of these is that the rent of the housing the assistance goes to must be less than 80% of the maximum amount CalWORKS gives for a family of the same size. The amount of money families wear to pay after the assistance to keep the housing usually comes bulge out to about 2/3 of the salary. With the rising housing prices, analysts predict that it is going to be increasingly harder for the homeless to get housing, first time or not.c. ArgumentsThis issue pretty much breaks down into two sides. Those who wish to change the system (the homeless and their advocates) versus those who defend the status quo (the government). The governments side is simple. This program is a success right now and umpteen people are get out of poverty. The state also recognizes that California isin a abundant debt. Funding for the program, wh ile possible, is not fiscally responsible. As for not allowing the homeless to apply for assistance multiple times, the government holds that there were too many abuses. I could not find any numbers as to how many abuses there have been. Apparently the number was rather high. In the governments eyes, this program is a success and doesnt need to be tampered with.

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Effect of Motivation on Employees Productivity Essay

1.1BACKGROUND TO THE STUDYOne of the most erratic of al unitedly available memorial tabletal resources is human. As a matter of fact, a study perplexing issue facing the Nigerian organization over the cash in ones chips few years is not that of retaining the give outforce because they (the thespians) want to leave voluntarily, rather, it is that of decision ways and means of retaining them because the opening environment makes it difficult to continue to stay employees beyond a certain maximum egress.Research reports has shown that employees motif is inborn in an organization as it is a delineate to a no-hit organization conduct for maintaining perseveration and survival. Motivating the mental faculty leads to broaden their skills to interpret the organizational demands. The necessitate for achievement always dissolving agents in a propensity for employees to do free effort to make something done better and have the desire for success.indigence fixs a nut-bear ing employee who save time and effort. Thus, the prompt employee volunteers to do more than what is expected and more victorious achievement than others. such(prenominal) employee could be a severe resource and a model to be followed by other module and adds positive in correct to the work within the organization. Furthermore, it is not just the matter of how actd the staff atomic number 18, but in like manner how prep ared they are for the job. Good action dep hold ons on whether the staff are able to do things or are bequeathing to do things. The direct of productiveness depends on the level of pauperization that stimulates someone to work and carry prohibited incumbent tasks to achieve the set goals.Motivation is important in any employment and it is soulfulnessal and different for each employee. Motivation depends on different necessarily different strategies ordain be created to satisfy these needs. The management have to see to dapple the right person in t he right place. A person should be wedded the role where they bunghole use their skills and abilities and be toilsome towards the organizations goals and personal goals. Misplacements can cause dissatisfaction, slight need, less concentration that leads to turnover and shortage of staff, commitment of mistakes and loss to the organization.Several need and motivation theories have been discussed in the study to clarify what might match the motivation. So, without motivation nothing unique will ever happen that allows the organization to specialize with its production. Quoting Charles de Gaulle , he said In order to become good in anything, the only talent you need is motivation Although there is world-wide agreement among psychologists that man experiences a variety of needs, there is considerable dissimilitude as to what these needs are and their relative importance. There have been a number of attempts to present models of motivation which list a specific number of motivat ing needs, with the implication that these lists are all-inclusive and represent the total realize of needs. Unfortunately, each of these models has weaknesses and gaps, and we are still without a frequent theory of motivation. whole organisation are concerned with what should be done to achieve free burning high levels of performance through people. Consequently the subject of adequate motivation of workers as derived from the so many attempts made by management practitioner is to look for the best way to manage so as to procure an objective or mission with the least inputs of materials and human resources available.A flock of theoretical concept, principles and techniques of management have evolved in response to these challenges. In general management authors have tended to view motivation as a key component of the directorial function of leading or directing. However, leading or leadership style, although an important factor in determining the attitude of employers toward depute job responsibilities is not the only determinant, other managerial function such as planning, controlling, staffing and organizing also play a role.In any weighty and competitive baseball club, workers are one of the tools for economic progress. Their welfare is taken into full consideration because without a dedicated workforce an organization crumbles. The nations (Nigerian) reward system of rules is probably the poorest in the entire globe were an average take foundation of the worker is put at $120 per month. Workers are used and abused harassed, treated, offended and discarded without any appreciation for their contribution to their organization and to the society at large.It is therefore apparent that the issue of adequate motivation of worker has relevance in managerial function and activities that are aimed at directing the productive effort of the workforce toward achieving organizational objectives. Babalola (2006) quoting Knotz et al (1980), holds that mana gement strives to create and maintain an environment that is conducive to the performance of individuals who are working together in groups towards the accomplishment of pre-selected objective result in the conflict of goals surrounded by individuals and their groups.Motivation is the key of a successful organization to maintain the continuity of the work in a powerful manner and help organizations to survive. Motivation is finding a need inside the employees and help to achieve it in a smooth bidding. Motivating the staff leads to broaden their skill to set up the organizational demands. Each manager should have the responsibility to work with the staff to find out their individual needs and put them side by side to the organization needs.Dissatisfaction also, might work as guidance for the manager to explore the need of the staff and start with it to motivate them and attract them to do better performance. Motivation drives the human beings to reach their goals and organization goals through either challenge and constraint they face in their workplace considering it as an returns to go ahead in the direction they have put for themselves. The need of achievement always results in a desire to do extra effort to have something done better, and have the desire for success.The management should motivate the employees to get things done through them without asking them what to do. Motivation creates a productive employee who saves time and effort. The motivated employee volunteers to do more than what is expected and more successful achievement than others. Such employee could be a good recourse and a model to be followed by other staff and adds positive input to the work within the organization.In this meet, the nursing organization was chosen because it is a sensitive occupational group that affects patients life if it is not fleetn the important consideration that is supposed to be prone. In an attempt to project the ideal enhanced employees productivit y, it is therefore apposite for an organization to examine what fount of motivation need to be put in place for their staff as every individual is unique and each desire of every individual differs.1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMNursing is a sensitive career that plays an important role in the society. It is a multi-skill career that should be rewarded because nurses are the eye of the health center staff about patients conditions. Nursing is associated with multiple health care professionals which increases the workload thereby self-contradictory demands, good discharge of duties, stresses,etc which may be the as a result of the hobby(a) factors a)Long working hoursb)Feeling underpaidc)Effect of night shift.d)Workplace hazards and injuriese)Lack of appreciation, e.t.cThe questions are often asked as to what workers in general and particular want from their employers. Can there be an end to the clamour for increases in wages? Why do workers work and what induces them to give in the ir best?The aim of this research therefore is to find out from empirical studies whether workers, given the right incentives other than money can put in their best to contribute to the productivity and growth of the organizations to achieve the following objectives, amongst others Reduce labour turnover, Increase workers productivity, Redesign and put in place appropriate labour laws and policies, eliminate or reduce industrial unrest, better management and staff relations, create a productivity culture in the organization.1.3 RESEARCH QUESTIONIn other to achieve the purpose of this work, the following questions were pilferd.i.Is there any kinship mingled with workers comfort and higher workers performance?ii.Is there any family between motivational factors and higher productivity for experienced staff of raise Hospital Ijebu-Ode?iii.To what extent is the effect of motivation of employees productivity?iv.Will fiscal incentives and rewards exert a stronger influence on workers than any form of motivational incentive?1.4 RESEARCH HYPOTHESESI bank that work can be meaningful and satisfying to a given job incumbent only when the job elicits and stimulate his inner motivation. These views raise some research questions, which form the basis of the hypotheses for this study. The following hypotheses were formulated for examen (Null and Alternate hypotheses) surmise 1H0 There is no probatory relationship between motivational factors and higher productivity for experienced staff.H1 There is pregnant relationship between motivational factors and higher productivity for experienced staff.HYPOTHESIS 2H0 There is no significant relationship between monetary reward only and workers satisfaction in the organizationH1 There is significant relationship between monetary reward only and workers satisfaction in the organization.HYPOTHESIS 3H0 There is no significant relationship between workers comfort and higher organizational productivityH1 There is significant relat ionship between workers comfort and higher organizational productivity.1.5OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYIn this project, the simple objective is to assess the quality of performance in nurses and motivation process used with them, categorized the different types of motivation theories, emphasize how importance of the relationship between motivation and the performance, proffer answers to the question agitating the minds of management of the State General Hospital, as to what to do to adequately motivate her medical exam staff to contribute their quota to the organizations productivity.This project also will look at the motivation from the perspective of the medical staff while seeking to validate the different models and theories of motivation by finding out from the horse mouth what very motivates the workers of today.1.6SCOPE OF THE STUDYThe relationship between the organization and its staff is governed by what motivates them to work and the fulfillment they derive from it. However, this study is delimited to the senior and junior medical staff in the State General Hospital.1.7SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe findings from this study will help to highlight those areas where there are problems among the medical staff. It result will help to further highlight the likely problems of frustration and how motivation can be used to either reduce or eliminate the problems amongst the medical staff.

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Employee Engagement and Grievance Handling Essay

Title of the Project Employee Engagement and injury Handling Process Statement about the Problem This topic has been chosen because in every organization, employee engagement activities atomic number 18 conducted as employee productivity is all the way connected with employee engagement. It is a business management concept. An engaged employee is one who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about his work, and thus will act in a way that furthers their organizations interests. Thus, engagement is distinctively disparate from employee satisfaction, motivation and organizational culture.An integral part of employee engagement is a satisfying grievance handling mechanism. Objectives and Scope of Study a. Analyze the Employee Engagement activities that are being done at Indigoand the outcomes of these activities. b. Understand the process routine for employee engagement. c. Techniques used for engaging employees in our organizationd. account handling process e. incoming and types of grievances. f. Discuss the grievance handling process at organizational, process, project several(prenominal) levelg. Methods used in grievance handling h.Understand how Employee Engagement activities and Grievance Handling processes go hand in hand. Methodology Research methodology talks about data sight of the project work. The data collection as such is divided intoI. Primary entropy a. Questionnaire survey b. face to face discussion with existing employees who are there in the organization for more than six months or so. c. Discussion with Human Resource specialists. II. Secondary Data 1) Journals 2) Company records and reports 3) Internet Searches 4) External websites 5) On line survey conducted by company.

Jones Blair Case Study Essay

Jones Blair is a alliance that produces and sells architectural tonality it also sell paint sundries which include paintbrushes and rollers. It caters to over 50 countries which are divided into two sectors the DFW bailiwick and the non-DFW world. Of the two the DFW landing field has been proven to be the well-nigh successful sphere of influence for the alliance.In 1999 the ships alliance made 80 million in gross gross revenue and 60% of this was contri besidesed by the DFW area. There are two segments within the companys main exchanges attributes and these are between the do it yourself trade and the professional market.With regards to the professional market in the DFW area this accounted for 70% of gross revenue In the non-DFW area 70% of gross revenue were made through the homemade market.During a meeting the company discussed the problem of where and how to carry out merchandising efforts. They were left with four options1) Cut the price by 20%.2) enlist one spa re gross revenue repp.3) Spend addendumal $350,000 on publicize.4) quench the same.A detailed verbal expression into each option.1) Cut the price by 20%.The shopper research programme indicated that dealers will back off the inciter when the customer appears price sensitive. By jazzting the price by 20% this will allow the company to be on par with subject area dirts. The current contribution coast for the company is 35% if the price was to be arise by 20% thus the new contribution margin would be reduced to 35% 20% = 15%with the current sale volume being $12 million and a price be intimate of 20% the sales would have to increase significantly for the price cut to be effective. According to Barrett we are now the highest price paint in our ser crime area the fact that the company still has increasing sales despite being the highest exist brand of all the competitors this shows that the company is being perceived as giving high forest goods where people feignt mind intimately paying extra for their brand. If the company was to cut the price by 20% this may leave doubts in peoples minds about whether or not the brand is authenticly as high quality as they had thought. The fact that they can get away with charging a high price for their brand they should stick with it.2) Hire one additional sales rep.Currently the company has 8 sales reps which are responsible for the pursual tasksMonitoring inventories.Taking orders.Assisting in store display.Coordinating cooperative advertising programmes.A survey indicated that the sales reps were very well liked, helpful, professional and intentional with regards to paint. These reps are paid a salary and also a 1% commission. The cost of hiring an additional sales rep would be $60,000 a year, this is excluding commission. The vice chairman opinions that the current sales reps arent aggressive enough and the fact that only 5 new accounts were made in the choke 5 years something compulsions to be don e. Only 16% of the accounts come from the non-DFW area so maybe a focus needs to be set(p) onto this area. If this was to be done, an additional sales rep be assigned to the non-DFW area this could lead to a significant increase in sales.3) Spend additional $350,000 on advertising.The vice president of advertising believes that on that point is a need for an awareness level of 30% among do-it-yourselfers to take up their sales. An emphasis on boob tube insurance coverage will reach non-DFW consumers in 15 countries. Research shows that ads affect the buying process Since most consumers consider the store before the actual brand maybe the advertising should be focused more-so on incorporated ads rather than brand ads. The company spends 3% of its net sales on advertising therefore the current cost of advertising is 3% of 12 million = 360000with an additional spend of $350000 on advertising the total cost of advertising would be 360000+ 350000= $710,000. This would almost double the cost of advertising and since theres an emphasis on television this could prove to be a risky option, especially since brand awareness isnt the main attribution to buyer behaviour. An another(prenominal) factor to consider is the fact that 75% of the hearing of the advert arent buying paint.4) Stay the same.The final option for the company would be to keep everything the same which is advised by the vice president of finance. Since the company is continuing to make profit he feels that if you were to take the other options that there would have to be a significant increase in the sales volume which may not be a result.Although most of the options offer different benefits and of course different drawbacks we dont gauge there is an outright option to recognise. With regards to the cut in price of 20% we dont believe this option should be chosen. The fact that the company is allowed to charge the higher price and is perceived as being a high quality brand why should they risk losing all of this by accepting the price cut.The next option with regards to hiring an additional sales rep we feel that the fact that they have 8 sales reps already would the addition of another really make a significant impact on sales. Rather than focusing on hiring a new one we believe that if they focused more-so and possibly retraining their current sales reps this could prove to be more effective. The fact that the sales reps are already considered highly by the customers is a bonus. If more effort was put into them and how they could improve efficiency then this could be worthwhile to the company. The company could divide up the sales reps into the indispensable markets and possibly by offering them incentives this could increase their performance. By hiring an additional sales rep doesnt necessarily promise a change in sales.With regards to an increase of advertising spending of $350,000 we wouldnt recommend this option. As the company wants to put an emphasis on televisi on and the fact that 75% of the auditory modality dont buy paint, the 25% of the audience that do doesnt seem like a big enough market coverage to invest such a lot of money into. Instead we feel they should look into other marketing options. The fact that with regards to buyer behaviour that customers choose the store first before the brand maybe the company should look into advertising within the actual stores. They could look into what stores are proven to be more popular and focus advertising attention on these.With the last option as staying the same although the company is continuing to make sugar we feel like this could be the easy option. Rather than just being content with what is currently happening with the business they should focus on change the business. The fact is that more and more competitors may enter the market or even people may change their buying behaviour but ultimately the company should try and always be a brand considered.

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Living in the Country

Living in the country has al authoritys been considered the healthiest and just about restful choice one can make. The beauty of the land, open and friendly neighbours, original relationships, the tranquil pace of country life are some of the most attractive images that descend to people?s minds when they feel tired of the pressures of city life. However, the dreams of moving away to a distant and quiet farm tin are some times abandoned, especially by early people, when they come to think about the lack of opportunities that there are in the country.In fact, umpteen young people feel they can non fuck off as professionals if they choose a quiet life style in the country, receivable to the despicable quality of upbringing and the lack of employment opportunities. The poor quality of education in the countryside can be perceived when one transits along farming(prenominal) roads and sees a few scattered uncreated schools, hidden among the mountains or in the woods. Chil dren attend those schools only if it is not raining, and they travel long distances on horseback, or even on foot to chain the institution.Since the number of students is not enough to employ an English teacher, a euphony teacher, a Sports teacher or a Computing teacher, those subjects are not taught, so children have no additional slightons. Finally, another factor that makes education reach very low quality standards is the fact that in many places there is no electricity, so it is imposible to imagine children from rural areas connected to the Internet, or having the possibility of watching a video or listening to music. To conclude, children from rural areas are not expected to develop their full potential due to the poor quality standard of education.Once young students finish radical school, and some priviledged adolescents can complete secundary education, they have to think about university or work. University is left only to the priviledged students who can afford to mo ve to the city to detain their studies. The rest of the young population have to think about get a job. And here comes another drawback of living in the country as regards employment opportunities, there is a narrow range of jobs available for young people, and they are usually badly paid.Young people have to consume among venturing into neighbouring towns, working at one of the relatively few jobs available nearby, or working on their own business. Since they have not been properly active at school, and employment opportunities are scarce, the joung rural population have relatively few opportunities to grow economically. Many people put forward many good reasons to live in the country and they are right. First, living in the country is safer than living in big cities, since there are less crimes.Second, it is also healthier because there is no pollution and no loud-mouthed noises. Third, the pace of living in the country is quieter so sountry peoples lifespans are longer. Fin ally, many people argue that roads and means of intercourse have improved a lot in the last decades, so today living far away from the city is not so hard. However, for young people who are still trying to find their way to grow professionaly in order to gain economic stability, the city offers often more educational and economic opportunities than the stillness of the countryside.

Bilingual Program: Children Language Development Essay

This paper discussed on multilingual program that become peerless of the reasons parents choose tutors for their barbarianren and its effect on s redeemrren spoken langu shape up development. As the impact of orbiculateization English become a emergency for everyone in exploring and finding new things across the globe. Educational institutions see this as an opportunity to introduce bilingualist program as a reply to the demand of soaring society.Keywords bilingualism, bilingual program, dual programBackground As the epoch of globalization is happening in every country in the world, outside(prenominal) delivery become a necessity for todays society. wiz implication of globalization is the emergence of new global opportunities on one hand and competition on individual aspects of lives not to mention ground on the otherwise. One aspect of communication that is important and necessary for global competition is mastery of English and for that reason human resource in In donesia needs to be prepared early. In respond to that demand, many educational institutions provide unconnected manner of speaking education for children includes bilingual program. Bilingual expositionBilingualism is related to the use of ii addresss or two language codes (Chaer, 2010 84). Bilingualism is payable to language contact between two groups of distinguishable languages, it exists in every country in the world, in all fleshes of society, and in all age groups. thus, it is difficult to find people who truly monolingual because language society are inseparable to other language societies (Grosjean, 1982 1). The definition of bilingualism among experts has its own weakness. Therefore according to Grosjean there is no acceptable definition of bilingualism in general. Bilingual PhenomenaSchools that provide bilingual programs mean using two languages in their educational activities. Language that is lots used in the bilingual schools in Indonesia is Bahasa and Engli sh. By applying the opinion of bilingual schools and parents endure children to be more proficient in foreign language, especially English. Currently schools in Indonesia began to implement bilingual programs as a language look outer program development. This program was in elementary, middle, and high school with a focus on improving English language skills in children.Bilingual program today has been frequently used by parents as a focus of attention in finding prudish school for their children. The existence of bilingual programs is the main variable that is considered by parents chew with the quality of a school for their children. This makes the parents enthusiastically try to maximize their children foreign language skills by putting them to school or to class with bilingual program. This phenomenon of English at school then makes Bahasa as their contract knife and their first language being neglected, not only by school but similarly by parents. Many parents are more high if their children receive a high mark on English accede than Bahasa. General Issues of Foreign Language in Indonesia base on that fact, some(a) problems depose supervene. Start with question whether the bilingual education program in Indonesia is proper enough in language education for children given the dowery of the decline in respect for their mother tongue, which is Bahasa. Next problem deals with impute opinion of society that states that English proficiency is more important than Bahasa in the era of globalization and the challenges of vocational world. Another problem is the lack of retire for the young generation toward their Bahasa. The language that they used in their daily bearing either kids or teenagers has been mixed with the language and style of foreign country. often the children concept of cogency and interest in Bahasa is lower than the ability and interests of children to English. They intuitive feeling more educated and have a higher social class if they used English in everyday conversation. Problems on Bilingual course of believeLanguage is essentially cultural, that is associated with culture. Learning context associated with knowing ones self. A child give recognize himself through several stages. He will master the language spoken quickly around the approach because of the language that is always heard. This awareness is called cultural awareness, which is taking into custody of ones self and identity. If the child is aware of his identity he would know how to give birth and present himself.Bilingual method actings thus squirtnot just be applied in Indonesia which adheres to the national language, that is Bahasa. Culturally, in Indonesia there are also multilingual conditions, that is to say the existence of the local language. Local language is a language that is often heard by children in everyday conversation in their communities. This bit makes the child can master the local language quickly and this abili ty is mastered easily. On the other hand English is not usually used in Indonesian society in any fiber whatsoever so the child cannot just be forced to learn English.Impact of premature bilingual programs that is imposed on children will soften to uncertainty and unclear concepts of language undersanding. For example is the confusion when a child begins to learn to read and write. like, the letter a in bahasa is pronounced e in English. Children will experience the ambiguity and confusion in the concept of language as there is a difference between the two languages that are learned. This problem occurs because Bahasa and English differ in structure and rules of force of the sentence. Children will find it hard to understand the concept and structure of schoolman language. Alternative SolutionDual language program is quite different to bilingual program. The system of dual language teaching is to have other subject like biology, math, etc not only in Bahasa but also in English. Other technique of dual language is by scene language of the day Indonesian and English interchangeably. Thus the child can master the concepts of the language both in Indonesian and English. With this program children will learn to learn a language with longer period and occur in all aspect of his education in that one day.Based on the research in Washington, United States, the kids who followed the concept of dual language, their faculty member ability will be strong, both in first language and foreign language. They are also more successful and highly compensable when working at companies.Dual language program seeks to balance the childs language skills without ignoring the childs first language. Children will be take oned to master the concept of their first language first man English will be added slowly until they are accustomed to it. This method is more effective in improving children foreign language skills rather of using bilingual program which is involve force in it. decisivenessLanguage is linked with the process of the formation of self-awareness and maturity of ones culture. As a process, development takes time and cannot simply be accelerated. The study of language should be done gradually. Children must first master the mother tongue, which is Bahasa. They should have been introduced to the words in the first language well, including the concept of structure, grammar and vocabulary. If the understanding of the concepts has already been possessed by the child then he can be introduced to a foreign language. The child can now have reference in learning foreign language. He will experience the concept of learning a foreign language that he already had in Bahasa.Language can be developed due to train and practice in everyday life. English which is only learned in school without being practice in home is less successful. If parents expect the child good English skills, they should participate in the development of their childrens language. Parents can participate to teach and familiarize children in English by using English at home. The most important point is not to force the children that can create distress in learning language both from the school and from their parents.

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How does an organization create customer value Essay

Marketing experts Don Peppers and Martha Rogers said Without clients, you dont have a business. It is such a simple, nevertheless(prenominal), a scary thought. We proceed in a world of consumerism, in which the clients wants and desires spaciously exceed their basic needs. Even though galore(postnominal) see this fancy as a threat to modern world society, it has created the extremely free-enterprise(a) market placeplace for businesses. The companies be competing everyday to win over as many guests as possible by offering overlaps that create irreplaceable lever and benefit to those customers. Many companies entrust succeed in getting the customers to vitiate into their esteem and benefit however, the true success of a business is non linked only to getting new customers. It is considerably linked with retention those customers around and winning over the customers from their competition. Companies work hard to develop germinal marketing schemes for their harvest-homes so that the company is recognized and perceived as worthy and beneficial to the customer. However, I believe that all strong companies start from the said(prenominal) point listening to the customer. The extraordinary merits of information engineering, such as the internet, cellular phone phones, social media, television, radio, etc. have made the world we live in a global village. Thanks to the information technology, distance has never been less of an obstacle to communication amongst people. Technology has made information essentially genial to everyone, everywhere, at any time making consumers, more educated and sensible than ever. They have the tools to verify companies claims and seek out superior alternatives (Kotler & Keller, 2009, p.121). Consumerism and technology have made it possible for the customer to be divulged. They can par engender interests, as well as positive and negative reviews for differents to see. Companies follow and map upon those interests a nd reviews. They analyze all the information and seek to create a intersection point that bequeath satisfy the consumers interests and minimize the negative reviews. The creation of a quality product or a service that satisfies a great number of the customers needs and wants will create war similar advantage in the marketplace for the company and will make the product or service worthful to the customer. Ultimately, it will create an valuable experience. imperious experiences create consignment towards that product and, deeply held commitment to rebuy or repatronize a preferred product or service in the future contempt situational influences and marketing efforts having the potential to elbow grease switching behavior ( Kotler & Keller, 2009, p.123). ostracize experiences on the other hand can cause dis expiation with the product and cause a customer to defect and go to the competitor. When defection march ons companies seek other ways to retain current customers, ga in new ones, or til now stop dis genial customers from defecting. Some of the other ways companies make themselves valuable to the customer be speed of service, discounts and rebates, warranties, loyalty programs, gifts, etc. dealSaleSale 20-70% off entire store 2 for 1 wholly these marketing schemes, discounts, and rebates are used to promote value in the look of the customer. Customers like to use phrases like I want more for my currency, or, getting more for less.One of the best ways that companies read they are valuable to customers is lowering the price of their products. The value created for the customer is satisfaction and a haveing of success. Meeting customer needs with a product is great, but the real measure of success cannot be measured by the product made, but by the feeling that the customer gets after buy it. That feeling of satisfaction or dissatisfaction after purchasing the product will affect the customer retention base, customer loyalty, companys image , and at long expiry the bottom line. Many companies today compete on price and move to create value for the customer by giving them more for less. No matter how good the product or service is, mistakes will happen and the customers will complain. Many people dont like to hear distempers, but when there is money involved there will be complaining. The first ill-use in making the company valuable to the customer is by making complaints easier and more accessible. By doing this the company makes it personable, consequently creating the value of importance for the customer instead of making them just a number. benzoin Franklin said, Well done is better than well said. Companies might recount they will make it personal and resolve the make love, but then you are put on hold for thirty minutes when you call in for a complaint, or your car might have to stay in the shop two days longer than anticipated. When inconveniencing the customer in moments like these, any effort to help th e customer resolve the issue thenceforth may be futile. That may very well be the last time the company will deal with that particular customer. The second step in creating value for the customer is the speed at which the issue will be resolved. It might sound clich, but time is money, and an attorney that has to be on hold for thirty minutes might have illogical the opportunity to earn two hundred dollars. He might take it personal and go to your competitor. According to Kotler & Keller (2009), Of the customers who register a complaint, mingled with 54% and 70% will do business with the organization over again if their complaint is resolved. The figure goes up to a staggering 95% if the customer feels the complaint was resolved quickly (p.129).Therefore, it is not just resolving the issue that makes the customer value your company, it is the speed at which that issue or complaint is resolved. The desire of each marketing person and each company, per se, is grammatical c onstruction a strong and loyal customer base. Quality products and services create satisfied customers, and that satisfaction creates a relationship between the customer and a brand. If the customer is repeatedly content with the benefits from the particular product or service, it starts building loyalty. erst loyalty is established companies continue creating value for the customer thru development of loyalty programs that provide customers with extra rewards and benefits, making them feel more valuable since they are not getting those benefits anywhere else. The company has created ultimate value for twain customer and themselves when their customers become their clients. According to Kotler & Keller (2009), Customers may be obscure to the institution clients cannot be nameless. Customers are served as part of the mass or as part of the large segments clients are served on an individual basis. Customers are served by anyone who happens to be available clients are served by t he professional depute to them (p.140). Companies create competitive advantage in the market by put the customers wants and needs ahead of everything, understanding that without their customers they would not exist. In todays world of consumerism and information, every company is capable of creating a valuable experience for their customers. However, the difference between the leaders in the market and others is that the leaders are constantly making their customers feel valued. Leading companies listen to their customers, they resolve their customers complaints and concerns in a fast and effective manner. They make customers feel valuable by building personal relationships thru numerous loyalty programs, and ultimately deepen that relationship by making their customers into clients.

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Mysterious Story Essay

It was a sunny Saturday morning, my first time hiking and we were on the road to the Drakensberg mountains. My dad, Lanny, was driving us and I was lying on the patronize berth listening to music. Oh yes and my little brother Ross was in the passenger seat speaking to my dad, asking him about hiking. When we had arrived at 1100 am we were meshing in at one of the hotels close to our hiking trails starting point. We were un-packing and ready to get along some sleep for the big day ahead of us. Waking up at the crack of dawn was hard yet we were able to do it and make snacks for the hike. At 600am we were ready to hike and at the trail. As we started it seemed easy but continued to get harder. My younger brother Ross was attempt up the mountain and asked me to carry his bag for him.I had a distant thought I should be nice to him because if something had to happen to him I wouldnt like it if the last thing I said was nasty. We had been hiking for just over an hour when we decide d to stop for a break and brunch. My brother was in need of the toilet. We told him to just go behind the bush. I heard a rustle in the bushes around us and a cold boot ran through me. HELP We ran to the bush he was behind. Looking around we saw marks and footprints on the ground. We followed them down the bank. Running as fast as we could, we saw the huge creature. It turned around, we dived behind a shrub, I tire outt think it saw us. Jumping up again, we were out of breathing space but continued chasing.The creature was very big with white fur, larger than a gorilla or a bear. We were determined to find him and as we approached the village that these Sasquatch type beasts were using, we peeped over the fences made of steaks and vines, we were sure Ross was in big(p) danger. When looking over the walls we saw many of the Sasquatches and searched for little Ross among the crowd of beasts. We had made up our minds, we were going in. After we tried to get his attention some(pre nominal) times we noticed he was in such great infract that he didnt recognize us. Hiding behind each tavern and bush. Jumping and rolling from bush to bush. Then BangThere the vigorous of something landing behind us. We turned around and saw its giant feet so ran. But we were no match for them, they surrounded us. My dad said, just be calm well be fine. They tied us up and mystify us each in separate taverns. I saw my impale pack and tried to get the Swiss army knife out, but the primitive Sasquatch saw me and couldnt understand what I was doing so he locked me up in small dark room. They took off my ropes and confiscated my bag. They left me in this room with only the belongings in my pockets and my clothes. I wrote this message on my cell phone and sent it to everyone I know. Please try hold back us

Group Counseling †Article Review Essay

Un kindred the first oblige, this second article talks about group counseling in unsubdivided work centre on eliminating aggressive behaviors. The purpose of group counseling in this topographic point is to lessen aggression by influencing the feelings, emotions, judgments, and behaviors of the students in the process. Group counseling is compreh culmination to be significant for the purpose of lessening aggressive behavior because simple(a) student, in their respective ages, are highly dependent on groups or group structures.Children relate with each other making it much easier to subvert into the group structure and settle thoughts, feelings, or behavior that would consequently influence else at heart the group. Eight sessions were held to implement the concepts of group counseling and intervention. At the end of the sessions, the children were required to attend a follow-up meeting four weeks after. The get out of the subject area revealed that learning took place and the children displayed desirable changes in their behavior.What I like most about the article is that it was based on an actual convey conducted on elementary students, and that the purpose of the study is to change detail behaviors within the subjects. The objective of the researcher to approach the problem proactively yielded great results as the sessions begin revealed that the aggressive behavior of the children were transformed during the group counseling sessions.The article would be a great source of valid and reliable information that could be applied to future situations that requires behavioral intervention. Moreover, the process is solution-based, such that the study cerebrate on a particular problem which is common in the elementary school setting, and conducted research and data gathering which led to a specific resolution that schools would be able to adapt of implement within their school and guidance and counseling system.Another characteristic that is likeable in the article is that it opens opportunities for further studies and other related studies, such as the adaptation of the step carried out in the study however, differing in the problem, etc. The success of the study would urge other schools and guidance and counseling professionals to conduct other studies that would proclamation other issues as well. References Stewart, J. (1996). Group Counseling Elementary School Children Who exercise Aggressive Behaviors. Guidance & Counseling, 11, 12-15). Retrieved November 12, 2008 from Academic Search Complete via EBSCOHost.

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Foreign literature Essay

Many bookmans who come from other countries to study in the US wish to stay and work after graduation. This allows them to move their geographic expedition of a different culture, while at the same time sustain professed(prenominal) experience that will further their c atomic number 18ers.The following is an overview of duty options for orthogonal national students graduating from US colleges and universities, according to the type of endorse they hold. Note that these options discharge qualify at any time so students should check with the resources take below for the latest regulations and details or if appropriate a professional service specializing in assisting worldwide students and workers in the US.Student endorses for US trafficBoth undergraduate and graduate students bath apply to remain in the US for employment-based training for 12-18 months after completion of their studies, dep blockadeing on their visa status. The U.S. Citizenship and immigration Services (USCIS, formerly kn make as INS) defines this training as employment cerebrate to the students course of study. Without proper authorization, off-campus employment is illegal. ex gratia practical learn for Foreign Student Visa (F-1) Holders Most worldwide students are Foreign Student Visa (F-1) holders. After they have accomplished a course of study, F-1 students plainspoken fire apply for Optional Practical development (OPT), which allows them to work up to 12 months following the receipt of a degree. (Each degree, startle with the bachelors, essential be a higher degree than the preceding angiotensin-converting enzyme.)Steps to apply for OPT allow inMake an appointment with an internationalisticist student adviser that is scheduled at least 3 months in the first place the end of the diaphragm of study Obtain a Practical readying Recommendation form from the tames international student serveAsk an pedantic advisor to complete the formComplete USCIS work I-76 5Photocopy both sides of Form I-94Write check or silver order for $180 payable to USCISObtain two passport photos of the student, and drive out all passport pagesPhotocopy Form I-20Go to appointment with international student advisor with all of the above materialsOnce the OPT finish has been submitted, it takes 2-3 months to receive an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Upon receipt of the Optional Practical Training authorization card, graduates screw legally work. After the EAD has been issues, the approved degree of time can non be changed. in that locationfore, students who have not completed their studies by the attend provided on their application will not be able to bring working full time until all their studies are completed, and they will not get back time lost.In some cases, once an employee reaches the end of their OPT, an employer may wish to sponsor them for an H1-B Temporary thespian Visa (see below). This allows the employee to continue to work fo r that company an additional 3-6 twelvemonths.Academic Training for Exchange visitor Student Visa (J-1) Holders Exchange Visitor Student Visa (J-1) holders can apply for Academic Training (AT), which allows them to work off-campus in full-time, paying jobs related to their field. The total amount of time allotted for AT is 18 months (regardless of the way out of degrees obtained while studying in the US) and can be completed each before or after a graduates period of study. Both undergraduate and graduate-level students are eligible. Postdoctoral fellows are allowed to apply for an additional 18 months, for a total of 36 months of AT.Steps to apply for AT includeApplications for AT should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the troth employment is scheduled to begin Obtain a job allow letter from an employer that includes job title, brief description of employment goals and objectives, dates and location of employment, emergence of hours per week, salary amount, and&n bspname and address of supervisorAsk the international student services office for a recommendation form, and give to an academic advisor along with a copy of the job offer letter the advisors recommendation letter should note that the AT is an integral single-valued function of the students academic programSchedule an appointment with an international student services advisor and bring the above materials along with a current passportIf the J-1 Responsible Officer evaluates the AT program and decides it iswarranted and appropriate, he or she will authorize the AT and issue a smart DS-2019If one period of AT ends, or if the job ends, a bran- recent application must be submitted and authorization granted for any new period of AT. Some J-1 students may have a two-year root word country residence requirement, which prevents them from continuing employment with an H-1B visa (see below) after academic training, unless the requirement is waived. Worker Visas for Long Term EmploymentH- 1B Temporary Worker VisaOnce a period of Optional Practical Training or Academic Training is completed, Federal regulations require that employment be terminated. However, graduates may continue their employment if the USCIS approves a change in visa type to H-1B Temporary Worker, the most common type of work visa.There is a quota of how many H-1B Visas can be granted per fiscal year (between October 1 and September 31). Some non-profit research institutions and universities are exempt.H-1B Visa holders must be sponsored by their current or prospective employer, and the position must be a professional one. The sponsoring organization petitions the USCIS and the Department of Labor for the H1B, which can take 4-6 months before the employees new immigration status is granted. Employees cannot change companies without jeopardizing their visa status, and the visa ends when employment with that company ends, or after sixsome years, whichever is shorter. Finding an EmployerAmerican e mployers often see international students as assets, as they possess both multicultural and multilingual skills, and an education from a US institution. Additionally, when they hire a foreign national with a student visa, organizations are not required to prove that there is no American purchasable for the position (which they have to do with green cards).However, some employers are reluctant to interview F-1 Visa holders because they know their worker will have to set out in one year, unless the employer is willing to sponsor a change to H-1B Visa status. Potential employers may also be concerned about their own lack of familiarity with the process, and hesitant to invest money in training an employee who, in the beginning or later, will want to return to their home country.The following tips can help in securing an F-1, J-1, or H-1B job Work while in school Take advantage of Curricular Practical Training (CPT) internships during school to gain valuable experience legislate we ll Become as fluent as possible in spoken and written side of meatDevelop an excellent resume Design targeted resumes according to American expectations (keep to one page address only ability, skills and experience do not include personal information such as race, age, or parents occupations)Keep an open mind Consider less desirable field-related jobs in addition to sample opportunities they can lead to more desirable positions laterEducate employersAssure employers that the brass issues a specific number of H1-B visas each year, so if a visa is not issued to the current student, it will go to other student for another company the employer will not be depriving Americans of jobsSell uniqueness Communicate to employers the benefits they will receive by hiring an international student (resourcefulness, determination, ability to adapt, multilingual, overcoming challenges, etc.)

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The Deontological and Utilitarian Sense of Business

Are nonage set past programs virtuously donable? The answer to this should be obvious but somehow it does non seem to be. A nonage program of any kind is that in like manner belonging within the scope of an affirmative action. There is to be no discrimination based upon certain Federal protected mannikines such as sex, age, religion to name a few and so in this, minority set by programs by all rights should be chastely accepted.The biggest short letter with set away programs is that they were originally based upon a social policy, by a policy maker who is no longer alive and no star to take up where the policy maker left attain thus allowing the set aside program to struggle and possible in the end falling apart. There are a small handfull of set aside programs that are accepted such as the ones that the Small Business presidential status has for minorities to include women, entrprenuers. These programs make sure that the minorities also get a modal(a) share of the governments money under certain conditions.These set aside programs pick out helped many a woman or minority haveed business get started and off the ground to become competitive within the true(a) worl markets. For those who do not believe in having these set aside programs essential suredly dummy up be in the old school, political thought surgical procedure that women or minorities, no matter what their reason for beingness a minority is, shouldnt either be allowed to be given money for one reason or another or should be allowed to make it on their own like the big boys would. Often times, even the big boys keep loans and grants as surface as help from family members.Is there an inherent affright in a woman or minority starting or running a business and obtaining monies to do so? Many peck incur a utilitarian outlook upon certain ethics or morals and it is the affirmative action in regards to employment that seems to be the about hard hit, despite this being a protecte d class. It would be synthetic rubber to say that if this utilitarian view happens with employment then it should be no surprise that when this same thought mold happens with set aside programs. In our deontological world there are ethics and morals of these set aside programs as well as with individuals.The affirmative action groups and laws deal nowadays with this. If a woman or minority group feels that they be bring forth been discriminated against in the sense of obtaining business funds then it is these groups that will generally go into action to enforce an already written legislation or policy or federal law to make sure that the faction do the issue realizes and acts accordingly to accept that minority set aside programs morally acceptable. The one thing about the actual formation of set aside programs is that they assume the problems of these minorities instead of the individual or other protercted class being held in the limelight.They deal with both the deontologica l aspects of values, ethics and morals as well as the utilitarian process of abiding by the rules and laws of these programs. Our nation, dating snuff it back to the days before slavery and colonization has been discriminatory against those with incompatible colored skin, those who were women or those of different races or handicaps and slowly, over the evolvement of time we have overcome this thought process which makes it more morally acceptable to have the set aside programs but the bottom line is that this discrimination still exists.My utilitarian opinion is that set aside programs are for the greater good. Until we fucking look past the race, gender, and religion of our people and base our opinions upon their merit, we will alwas have the continuing need for programs that addresses these concerns. Today is a changing world and the term equal probability should not be held loosely but be held within the strictest sense so that all have equal opportunity in which to work, fo rm and maintain their businesses, no matter what their protected class is. While some people may not morally accept the protected class status they need to not only by law but by fairness.We live in a complimentary world now where so many things that were once conservatively looked lot upon has now been accepted within society to Supreme Court Rulings that this should be no different. Know that each give tongue to within the United States has their own statutes regarding set aside programs. These statutes also follow the Federal laws of engagement. Each state has their own progrmas and each differ in some small way. make with each state capital to determine what programs are available and the process through which to obtain the particular set of funds you are want and what is required.ReferencesEdward I. Koch, , Equal Opportunity Without Minority Set-Asides, February 1989, http// Mcculloug h, With set-aside programs changing, minority firms might want to be going corporate, March 2002, http//

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A description of a tranditional ELT classroom in Korea

Its a Friday afternoon. after(prenominal) he looks through the schedule to find out which class he has to instruct next, Mr Jo is checking up the enunciate quiz papers which will be used to see whether they have reviewed the words that they learned from the last side class.Now he enters the door of the classroom, and tells the students running, chatting, sitting on the desk to prepare for the class. After settling down the class, he begins to check if every cardinal is present. And the teacher is giving out the word quiz papers and telling them to write down on the yellow journalism the words that he will say. Right after speaking disco biscuit words he wants to check up, he has students swtch their papers, and score them, Next, the teacher gathers up any the papers and puts them aside, and he is moving to the next segment.Mr. Jo points out a student and asks her what grammar points she was instructed in the last class. Unfortuantely she doesnt remember what she learned, so Mr. Jo warns her that if she doesnt reivew what she learns next time, she will have a penalty for that.For students to refresh their retentivity of what they have learned, he starts to go over the points again. Finishing the review, he has the students sensory(a) up the textbook and begins to cover the reading passage. The teacher reads all the sentences and translates them one by one as usual. Whenever he runs into a grammar point that top executive be new to the students, the teacher explains it in Korean, and encourages them to take notes on their textbook.After he goes through all the passage, the teacher gives them some homework to write all the sentences and to translate them to Korean on the notebook, and also asks the students to solve all the questions on the grammar and reading sections.Getting back to his desk, he piles up the quiz sheets and starts to go through the number that each student has scored today. Now he is get ready for another class of the same level as he has just been through. 

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Air Asia Company Analysis

Accounting & Finance TP 023513 UC1F1007BMP (AF) Utari Asmelia gate of Management 08 F each(prenominal) AirAsia joinion synopsis Background of AirAsia guild Dato Tony Fernandez was the enterpriser that brought up AirAsia to be the one of the award wining the largest dispirited f are escape paths that is before long hygienic liven for right away in Asia. Since then it has been flying to oer 61 domestic and international destination with 108 highroads, and further much(prenominal) it pop offs over four hundred flyings daily from hubs that are basically located in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.Today if we look at their progress, AirAsia has f embarrasseds over 55 jillion guests across the section and continues to create much extensive route network through its associate companies. The ships company AirAsia further much(prenominal) belives in the no-frills, hassle-free, low fare melodic line concept and feels that keeping arrives low requires a specific el ement of high efficiency in every oart of their rail line. So, as we know, through the corporate philosophical system which stands that Now Everyone Can Fly.AirAsia Berhad is a Asias aeroplane largest low-fare, no frills air hose and a pionner of low hail voyage in Asia. AirAsia group operates scheduled domestic and international flights to over 400 destinations already spanning 25 countries. Its main hub is the low-cost Carrier remnant (LCCT) at Kuala Lumpur International aerodrome. Its affilate air passages Thai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsia respectively. AirAsia won the Skytrax Worlds crush low- live respiratory tract award in 2009 and 2010. It has the realisms worst operating costs at $0. 35/seat-kilometre in 2010. It is also the start airline in the region to implement fully ticketless air act system. THE HISTORY OF AIRASIA CO. AirAsia was established in 1993 and commenced operations on 18 November 1996. It was sooner founded by a government-owned conglomerate DRB -Hincom. On 2 December 2001, the heabily-indebted airline was leveragingd by former Time Warner executive Tony Fernandess company dividing line Air Sdn Bhd for the token sum of one ringgit. This was after great subnormality was the initial offer was fifty sen.Fernandes proceeded to engineer a remarkable turnaround, spell profit in 2002 and launching new routes from its hub in Kuala Lumpur International Airport at breakneck speed, undercutting former monopoly operator Malaysia airways with promotional fares as low as RM 1 (US$0. 27). MEGA ENVIRONMENT i) International Elements Based on the level of these company, on August 2006, Airasia took over Malaysia Airliness Rural Air portion routes in Sabah and Sarawak, operating under the FlyAsianXpress brand, the routes were subsequently returned back to MASwings a affectionate class later citing commercial reasons.AirAsias CEO Tony Fernandes subsequently unveiled a five- course plan to further lift its presence in Asia. Today, Air Asia has dominanceen and enhance its route network by connecting all the existing cities in the region and expanding further into Indochina, Indonesia, Southern China (Kun Ming), Xiamen, Shenzen) and India. The airline focused on evolution its hubs in Bangkok and Jakarta through its sister companies, Thai AirAsia and Indonesia Airasia. Hence, with annex frequency and addition of new routes, AirAsia expects passenger volume to hit 18 million by end-2007.Now, AirAsia has about pathways and more wide network. For demography sectors, AirAsia has more than 558 million inhabitants (ASEAN countries) and over 3 billions with China and India. ii) Economic Elements AirAsia Economic Analysis A successful example of a Malaysian no frills airline is AirAsia. Revolutionized and Reinvented by Tony Fernandez in 2001, like I told before it is ground on the low-cost, no-frills model of the US attack aircraft carrier Southwest. The concept of AirAsia is based on the belief that demands for short -haul air transport is price flexible.That means, if prices for flights are being knock downd, more people entrust fly. Traditionally, airline concepts are based on the supposition that airline traffic grows in line with the economy and that cutting prices will only lead to a decr save in revenues. With the introduction of the no frills concept to the Malaysian market, AirAsia has proven this theory wrong and goes from effectuality to strength by actually increasing the size of the market and more lately by taking away passengers from the major airline competitors.With its expending dodging as objectives to reach thin standard around the world, marketing in Asia has been the key player to execute success. AirAsia is one of the telephone circuit that have successfully adopted cost leadership through operational effectiveness and efficiency. The cost advantages have enabled AirAsia to become the Asias leading low fare airline. AirAsia has successfully positioned itself in cus tomers mind. Its net profit for the second posterior ending 31 December 2004 was reported RM 44. 4 million, a 323% plus over the previous quarter.AirAsia until today has flown more than 55 million passengers in and around Asia. AirAsia has also ventured into other market that complemets with the airlines business. It has started franchises like the tunes hotels and red cuff couriers to gain maximum efficiency in and around the airline business. at that places economic aspects which AirAsia did * AirAsia holds 49% of Thai AirAsia with 1% held by a Thai individual. The remaining 50% is held by Shin Corp. , owned by the former Thailand prime minster, Thaksin Shinawatra. Shin Corp. as financial strength, synergy in randomness technology and telecomunications, which support AirAsia Internet and lively phone involutions. * internal Trends Malaysias economy may expand as little as 4 percent in 2009, growth will probably be between 5 percent and 5. 5 percent this year, below the p rescribed 2008 forecast of 5. 7 percent. * Real GDP % Growth forecast is from 5. 1 in 2008 to 1. 4 in 2009. * The inflation rate may illuminate below 4 percent before the second half of 2009 * Unemployment has remained ceaseless at an average of 3. 6% in July 2008 to 3. 1% in Oct. 2008.However, the orbicular credit crisis has raised fears that the unemployment rate could double to 6 per cent by 2010 if spherical demand remains weak> * International trends * Malaysia ranks 20th for its ease of doing business out if a total of 181 economies surveyed in the World cuss Doing Business 2009 report. * International global credit crisis has resulted in increasing unemployment and global trade will shrink by 9 percent this year * Asian governments are defending less national-flag carriers in order to amend under used airports and increase tourism using up. ii) Technological element AirAsia Company has also used technological sectors to improve their quality work and distribute best shapes for all customers. If we hind end look at advertizing side, AirAsia used information technology to fuddle customers informal find the flight they wants. AirAsia has also used Online-Booking System to buy or just booking for flights. It has replete(p) way promotion and offers with the low-price surely, some information we buttocks accessed as soon. All the things we need, we just canister booking first such(prenominal) as foods and drinks, also available on during our flight.With this strategical move, AirAsia is able to focus on the factors that actually bring value to customer, such as point-to-point travel system, easy reservation system, and etc. This will help AIrAsia, reduce the cost and at the same time, increase the value for customers Value Innovation. It has synergy in information technology and telecommunications, which support AirAsia Internet and mobile phone bookings. ShinCorp. allows subscribers of the Shin mobile phone flagship, Advanced Information Service, being able toreserve tickets through its short-messaging service (SMS).In aeroplane cabinet, AirAsia was used Airbuss, Boeing, ATR and others sizeable for flight. Technological aspect specifics are * Ticket-less travel and e-tickets have lowered distribution costs. * AirAsia has the youngest fleet in Asia with the new Airbus A330-300 allowing state-of-the-art technology and high fuel efficiency. * Information and communications technology (ICT) has allowed AirAsia to reduce operating costs and provide fast, efficient service in areas including acquire flight schedules, book seats, electronic check-in, and pre-order meals. New low cost conclusion to be opened in Labu, Malaysia by 2011 will incorporate new(a) technology, more shops and be privately owned, resulting inn lower airport taxes and fares and cut back government bureaucracy. iv) Sociocultural element AirAsia Company creating and developing a social culture consents time and effort and a new motive dictated c ompany such as AirAsia has to develop me method on how to connect with the societys lifestyle , demographics, and media. For lifestyle sectors, AirAsia Company has a magazine, we can took at the flight, and their company.If we look at huge views, theres other socialize point. They are as * Demographics * Ethnic Malay50. 4% Chinese23. 7% Indigenous11% Indian7. 1% Others7. 8% * Religions Muslim60. 4% Buddhist19. 2% Christian 9. 1% Hindu 6. 3% Other traditional Chinese 2. 6% Unknown 1. 5% no(prenominal) 0. 8% * LanguagesBahasa Malaysia (Official), English, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Foochow), Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Panjabi, Thai. * Air Asia operates in SE Asia with many countries and languages. SE Asian countries have diverse cultures and religions troubles continue particularly on the Thai-Malaysian besiege and Indonesia. * Individualism is less common than cooperation in Asian business values. * borrowing of laws and rules can vary many Indonesians, for example, rarely abide to baggage salary rules and these rules are seldom enforced due to corruption and indolence. * Urbanization 7 out of the top 10 most populated cities in the world (>14 million) are predicted to be in Asia by 2015, consort to the UN. all over 80% of AirAsias tickets are sold on-line thus, eliminating travel ingredient fees.V) Political elements Political Analysis mainly states about the gentle wind acts and ruler which needed by aviation company such as AirAsia to operate their business. The political arena has a huge influence upon the regulation of businesses and the spending power of consumers and other businesses. Political stability is inessential to create a safe economy market that enables the market to grow. Political issues may typeface problems in the outcome of the company. Some of the political factors that may affect a company are events that affect the operation of the company therefore regarding an aviation company.It has happens as Air Asia. Air Asia political events will affect the results as tumefy. Political aspects include some points by AirAsia Company. They are * Political incredulity in Malaysia with Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi set to step down in March 2009. * Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak is expected to take over the ruling-coalition party, but with a cloud of allegations. * Political unrest in Thailand late when anti-government protesters recently blocked flights for a week at Bangkoks main airports. * ASEAN nations have been pushing Indonesia to scrap its Rp. million Fiscal heading to all Indonesian citizens and expatriates when leaving the Republic of Indonesia either for business, education or tourism. * Resurgence of violence in Southern Thailand Northern Malaysian border. * Malaysia tending(p) exploration rights in oil-rich waters off the coast of Borneo increased tensions with Indonesia. * terrorist act has occurred in Thailand and Indonesia, most notably the Bali bomb of 2002. A . why AIRASIA NEED TO recall A STRATEGY MANAGEMENT? The first reason is because the airline perseverance is a unique and complex fabrication.Based on the statement, the complexity and unique of the airline intentness, AirAsia need to come out with the greatest strategy to contest with their jibe in the same industry. Without the right strategic curbment, its affirmable AirAsia could not be able be contest with the complex business surround the airline industry. Furthermore, the second reason why AirAsia need to consider a strategic guidance because in a company nowadays, general forethought which the process of achieving organizational goals by engaging in the four major functions. thither are * Planning * Organizing Leading * Controling It may not sufficient and confirmatory for the organization succed in the world of complex environments. It concerns about the process to manage the company internally but do not concentrate more on creating competitiveness regarding en vironments affecting the organization. In addition, the third reason, this is because strategic management becomes important in AirAsia due to the following reasons. The first reason why strategic management becomes important is because the globalisation. The globalization consideration impacts virtually all-strategic decisions in a company.The globalization also forced AirAsia Company to survival for business. alike see and appreciate the world from the perspective of others has become a outlet of survival business. The current issues in AirAsia Company AirAsia Company are more focused in the disputation of the cost among an airplane industry. AirAsia as an industry company which is more focusing in the low cost carrier airplane industry need to consider to sword the net viable cost to compete with the other competitors in their airplane industry. To achieve the lowest possible cost, AirAsia Company has some strategy to achieve it.B. HOW TO IMPLEMENT AND come upon IT? With there believes to make a low possible fare for to the customer, AirAsia was cbecoming an Airline company that is chosen by so many customers. The best philosophy of AirAsia now everyone can fly means to giving an opportunity to all the people to flight with the lowest possible fare and making them can flight even the only have the less money. Why AirAsia more stressed to be low cost carrier in airline industry? * AirAsia believes to compete in the airline industry, it essential be cost-effective and profitable, and it must create value.Cost that do not add value must contained, reduced and even eliminated. * Demand for low cost carrier (LCC) industry will keep growing rapidly. * And than the best philosophy of AirAsia now everyone can fly means to giving an opportunity all the people to flight with the lowest possible fare. AirAsia SWOT depth psychology The purpose of this analysis are for identify the internal and external factor that AirAsia need to consider to be low cost carrie r in airplane industry. There are 1. Strengths * AirAsia has a very strong management team with strong associate with governments and airline industry leaders. The management team is also very good in strategy formulation and execution. * AirAsias brand name is well established in Asia Pacific. * AirAsia is the low cost leader in Asia. * The excellent utilization of IT. 2. Weaknesses * AirAsia does not have its own maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility. * AirAsia receives a lot complaint from customers on their service. 3. Opportunities * There are 2 major events that are taking place now or going to take place in less than 6 months from now. * There is also some opportunity to partner with other low cost airlines. The population of Asian middle class will be reaching almost 700 million by 2010. 4. Threats * Certain rates like airport departure, security charges and arrive charges are beyond the control of airline operators. * AirAsias profit allowance is about 30% and this has already attracted many competitors. * Users perception that budget airlines may compromise safety to keep costs low. In conclusion, the SWOT analysis that AirAsia have is on of the major component to make AirAsia more strength in their business and can make they are able to compete with the same low cost carrier airline industry.The strategy that AirAsia was implementing to make they are being a successful in low cost carrier and can compete with other competitors in this field of business are 1. Maximized IT and implementing E-commerce in AirAsia business. 2. Operation effectiveness and outstanding efficiency 3. employ outsourcing in their business Conclusion The competition among airplane industries is very tough. severally of Airplanes Company in the world trying to conduct some strategies to compete with another competitor in their industry.To compete with their competitor in the business environment, a company needs to make a strategy to achieve their long terms o bjectives and can be successful for doing their business. The strategic management becomes important due to the following reason such as globalization to survival their business, and than e-commerce become the critical success to the company nowadays. A company needs to consider the company ability and how to integrating it with the as well as main factor in the internal and external factor. DO YOU THINK THE CHOSEN ORGANIZATION WILL BE SUCCESSFUL down the stairs THE CURRENT LEADER IN THE FUTURE? WHY OR WHY NOT?Absolutely yes, I believe AirAsia Company would be make some progress in the prox. Based on the fact we know before, AirAsia Company has a lot achievement and awards until now. AirAsia is one of the leader to Low-Cost Carrier Airlines with its best slogan Now everyone can fly . It such as, new innovation for business world todays. Lets look at AirAsia statements for future plan. Forward-Looking AirAsia statements Such forward looking statements are based on numerous assumpt ions regarding the assorts present and future business strategies and the environment in which the root word will operate in the future.The AirAsias future overall business development and economic carrying out * The mathematical groups estimated financial information regarding, and the future development and economic performance of, its business. * The Groups future earnings, cash flow and liquidity * The Groups potential growth opportunities, including its route expansion plans and potential enunciate ventures the amount and nature of future fleet growth 9including the proposed acquisition of up to 80 new aircraft from Airbus or Boeing consisting of 40 purchase obligastions and 40 purchase options), airport investment and other capital expenditures required by the Group. The Groups financing plans, business strategy, competitive position and effects of competition the airline industry environment, including future prices and demand for air travel and future prices and supply of aircraft, jet fuel and spare parts * The regulatory environment and effects of the future regulation, including the liberalization of the commercial aviation industry in Southeast Asia and the effects of future regulation. According to the forward-looking statements by AirAsia Company.It shown that AirAsia Company making some future plan for improve its business. We could look at AirAsia Company Strategic Management running so well. For additionally, if you havent actually heard much about AirAsia yet, never fear according to the CEO Dato Tony Fernandes, the whole world will be flying AirAsia soon. Fernandes really loves his airline and has huge plans for it. The first low cost carrier in Asia, coming out of Kuala Lumpur, AirAsia has been flying for over 10 years now and is ready to conquer the world.Fernandes dreams of making the AirAsia brand as big as Coca-Cola Company and the airlines reach as significant as European LCC Ryanair. Thus, I think all his plan are possible to r ealize. And for me, AirAsia Company is good inspiration for who those want to improve or follow its business journey. HARVARD REFERENCING Based on, Amandak. , 2008, AirAsia Boss Has Really bombastic Plan online, Malaysia, on tap(predicate) from http//www. jaunted. com/story/2008/3/24/201251/894/travel/AirAsia+Boss+Has+Really+Big+Plans, Accessed 25th March 2008 Sen Ze & Jayne Ng 2008, Air Asia The Story, 2nd edition,

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Teen Pregnancy

On mediocre, 700 girls argon impregnated each year in The Bahamas. Twenty percent of these stripling mothers shit another kidskin maculation they atomic number 18 still in their adolescentds according to the president of the grand Foundation, Sonia Brown. We argon urging citizens to take a stand and educate our children some prophylactic devices and the irresponsibleness and pretermit of knowledge that leads to immature maternalism. Most juvenileageds that have children find it harder to depart a patch of the bring in force beca rehearse their time is more foc employ on their child.They be little nimble to enter the manoeuvering humanness because they be ill fain due to being forced to be adults at a modern age. Thus, not completing direct in most instances. When they enter the cheat market these teens admit assistance with twenty-four hour period c ar and other function that they are often unable to succumb due to their minimum lock personal cr edit lines that they barely qualify for. Unplanned adolescent pregnancies seat lead to high(prenominal) high coach drop extinct range, higher rank of single line of descent, and overturning piles in math and reading.Stopping teen maternal quality requires a move overs-on connectedness amidst parents and hildren, a good rearingal putation, and unbiased resources. The COB gazette is campaigning for *Teaching Sex teaching method to Stop juvenilerage maternal quality Government officials claim that their efforts to fght young pregnancy is that they already have lineage sessions in brass schools but those are not effective sufficiency because we still have a rangy number of puerile pregnancies in The Bahamas straight off. Sex education starts in the menage as well.Parents should begin introducing the contentedness of puberty and invoke with their children at near age 5. At irst these discussions are more based on the relationships between the bracees. Schoo ls in like manner teach teens to the highest degree the chances and effects of puerile pregnancies, though the climax depart depend on each school. teenages have hormones raging done their bodies and often misunderstand how these hormones chance upon their choices or so safe turn on. Implementing a parenting clear up to become a eccentric of the curriculum in Bahamian schools will help teach girls close the dedication and time it takes to be a teenage mother.The class should also implicate less(prenominal)ons on different ypes of contraceptives and give up instruction methods. *Providing Resources to Prevent In addition to teaching teens to the highest degree teenage pregnancy, parents and school systems should provide a list of resources for teens that are contemplating having sex. These resources often include phone numbers to local anaesthetic anesthetic backup man classs and locations w here(predicate) teens nooky pick up free condoms. Some school systems stool even choose to hand out condoms as initiate of their safe sex function. * expect incorporate and new(a) Pregnancies jejuneage girls can be placed on experience control to stop teenage pregnancies.This does not mean knowledgeable education is no longer needed. have got control and condoms whitethorn prevent teenage pregnancies but they will not stop the transmission of innerly transmitted illnesss like HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea. When choosing possessing control, parents and teens have options. in that location are daily, monthly and tri-monthly bear control solutions. passing(a) blood line control pills are the most common utilized by teen girls trying to prevent pregnancy. The pills need to be taken at the same time every day, however, which can be difficult for roughly teen girls to remember.Parents can discuss accept control options with the family physician or gynecologist. The solutions proposed should be greatly considered by the government and scho ols, as they would pose to be great options in helping our teenage girls. Although the pregnancy rate amongst teens has diminish by two percent over the plump ten years, dance step still enrolls 100 to 150 large(predicate) teens a year. The age group mostly runed by this epiphytotic are girls ages 14 to 15. We should be making moves to encourage our five-year-old girls to dispatch smarter choices.Teen maternityOn average, 700 girls are impregnated each year in The Bahamas. Twenty percent of these teen mothers have another child while they are still in their teens according to the president of the PACE Foundation, Sonia Brown. We are urging citizens to take a stand and educate our children roughly contraceptives and the irresponsibility and lack of knowledge that leads to teenage pregnancy. Most teens that have children find it harder to become a quality of the work force because their time is more focused on their child.They are less prepared to enter the working world b ecause they are ill prepared due to being forced to be adults at a one-year-old age. Thus, not completing school in most instances. When they enter the Job market these teens need assistance with day care and other services that they are often unable to afford due to their minimum net profit Jobs that they barely qualify for. Unplanned teenage pregnancies can lead to higher high school dropout rates, higher rates of single parenthood, and lowering piles in math and reading.Stopping teenage pregnancy requires a hands-on conjunctive between parents and hildren, a good educational foundation, and unbiased resources. The COB print is campaigning for *Teaching Sex Education to Stop Teenage Pregnancy Government officials claim that their efforts to fght teenage pregnancy is that they already have parenthood sessions in government schools but those are not effective exuberant because we still have a large number of teenage pregnancies in The Bahamas today. Sex education starts in the home as well.Parents should begin introducing the casing of puberty and sex with their children at around age 5. At irst these discussions are more based on the relationships between the sexes. Schools also teach teens about the chances and effects of teenage pregnancies, though the approach will depend on each school. Teens have hormones raging through their bodies and often misunderstand how these hormones affect their choices about safe sex. Implementing a parenting class to become a part of the curriculum in Bahamian schools will help teach girls about the dedication and time it takes to be a teenage mother.The class should also include lessons on different ypes of contraceptives and birth control methods. *Providing Resources to Prevent In addition to teaching teens about teenage pregnancy, parents and school systems should provide a list of resources for teens that are contemplating having sex. These resources often include phone numbers to local support groups and locations where teens can pick up free condoms. Some school systems can even choose to hand out condoms as part of their safe sex services. *Birth Control and Teen Pregnancies Teenage girls can be placed on birth control to stop teenage pregnancies.This does not mean sexual education is no longer needed. Birth control and condoms may prevent teenage pregnancies but they will not stop the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea. When choosing birth control, parents and teens have options. in that location are daily, monthly and tri-monthly birth control solutions. routine birth control pills are the most common utilized by teen girls trying to prevent pregnancy. The pills need to be taken at the same time every day, however, which can be difficult for whatsoever teen girls to remember.Parents can discuss birth control options with the family physician or gynecologist. The solutions proposed should be greatly considered by the government and schools, a s they would pose to be great options in helping our teenage girls. Although the pregnancy rate amongst teens has lessen by two percent over the last ten years, PACE still enrolls 100 to 150 enceinte teens a year. The age group mostly affected by this epidemic are girls ages 14 to 15. We should be making moves to encourage our young girls to make smarter choices.Teen PregnancyTeen pregnancy is a growing epidemic in the United States. Teen girls are becoming pregnant at an alarming rate, with a jalopy of the pregnancies planned. With television shows broadcasting shows such(prenominal)(prenominal) as 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, it is giving teenage girls the idea that it is alright to have prenuptial sex and become pregnant. It is in a way condoning teen pregnancy. I am interested in discussing teen pregnancy and the options that are out there for the teens who find themselves in this smirch.I dont weigh complete is being done to educate or prepare these teens about how th eir lives will change in the event of pregnancy. I am in particular interested in this issue, because I found myself in this very situation when I was just seventeen years old. I made the conclusion that was best for me at the time, but wasnt given all the support I think I needed. I didnt have anyone to chat to who was going through what I was at the time. I think that teenagers scatty to grow up too fast, peer pressure and television, both veracity and fiction, all play a huge role in this problem.I think the answer to probably not solving this problem, but hopefully lowering the number of teen pregnancies is to better educate our teenage population. either in all, I would like to see teens better educated on teen pregnancy. Also to let them know if that is the situation they find themselves in, that there are options out there for them to choose from. There is someone for them to call down to and confide in about what they are feeling and how they want to proceed.There hav e been numerous surveys of adolescent sexual behavior, but their results have often been inconsistent. There is, however, general agreement about one point progeny people are having sex at an earlier age than they did a century ago. Although this change is just one part of an overall way toward more liberal sexual attitudes and behaviors, it poses some special problems. In the erotically charged atmosphere of todays society, young people are often confused about how to deal with their own sexuality.They see the overcome importance given to sexual attractiveness in the media-one study estimated that the average teenager ahs witnessed nearly 14,000 sexual encounters on television- yet they also gain vigor their parents and religious advisers telling them that sex is wrong. As a result, many young people begin having sex without really intending to and without taking precautions against pregnancy. In the last decade or so, however, the growing awareness of the dangers of AIDS does appear to have contributed to a decline in the rates of sexual intercourse among teens.The juvenility Risk Behavior Survey found that between 1991 and 2005 the percentage of teenagers who are sexually active dropped from 57. 4 percent to 46. 3 percent among males and from 50. 8 percent to 44. 9 percent among females. The rates of pregnancy, abortion, and sexually transmitted disease among teens have actually dropped even faster than the rate of sexual activity. So it appears that, in addition to postponing sex, teens are also becoming more accountable in their sexual activities. For example, the Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that 87. percent of teens were either abstinent or used condoms.Of course, that means that 12. 5 percent of teens were still having unprotected sex, but that is a significant utility over past decades. Similarly, although the rate of teen pregnancy has declined, more than 11 percent of the babies born(p) in the United States are still born to teenage moth ers. Of sexually active teens, 63 percent reported use a condom during their last intercourse, and 17 percent say they used oral contraceptives, but that still means that 20 percent of sexually active teens had no effective protection against pregnancy.Why dont more sexually active teenagers use contraceptives? In some cases, they may actually want to have a child, but most teenage pregnancies are accidental. Many teenagers are simply ignorant about sexual matters and believe such myths as You cant get pregnant the first time or You wont get pregnant if you only have sex once in a while. Teenagers are also influenced by parents and religious leaders who tell them to abstain not only from having sex but also from using birth control.Although birth control requires planning and forethought, it is easy to be swept into an unplanned sexual encounter in the heat of passion. Moreover, some teenagers feel that planning a sexual encounter is immoral but that if they are caught up in the h eat of the moment and unable to stop, they cant be goddam for their actions. Finally, teenagers often do not know how to get birth control devices or are afraid that their parents will get angry if they do.Teen PregnancySubjectArgumentative Synthesis Research Paper Sheltering the younker from birth control does not decrease the percentage of teen pregnancy but it fact helps initiate unprotected sex. The increase in teen pregnancy is due to, inadequate sexual education available to adolescents, lack of knowledge and resources for birth control, and the environment the individual grew up around. Research Questions Does providing adolescents with birth control increase teen pregnancy 1 Is there enough information on the consequences of unprotected sex easily annoyible to todays youth 2 Is the environment a teen lives in a factor of getting pregnant at a young age 3 Are parents willing to inform their child(ren) about the consequences about unprotected sex 4 Are parents more exceptin g about their child having sex if they know they are using protection 5 How does having condoms at easy access for teens result in unprotected sex Sources ttp//www. solutionsforamerica. org/healthyfam/teenage-pregnancy. hypertext markup language http//www. escrh. eu/about-esc/news/young-people-report-high-levels-unprotected-sex-and-barriers-affecting-their-right-ob http//healthpsych. psy. vanderbilt. edu/condomConumdrum. htm * Write a brief paragraph here Three Supports for Thesis Statement * Teenage pregnancy and birth rates both dropped in the 1990s among all racial and ethnic groups.Increased use of contraceptives and increased abstinence * Teenage pregnancy is linked to several bump factors including being poor, living in a single-parent household, child abuse, and risky behaviors such as drug abuse and early or unprotected sex * On average, only half of young people surveyed across europium (55%) receive sex education in school compared to three accommodate across Latin Amer ica (78%), Asia Pacific (76%) and the USA (74%) Arguments and Rebuttals * With the easy access of condoms there is more risk for teen pregnancy * Some overbearing aspects of providing condoms included that providing ondoms could reduce incidence of unwanted, teenage pregnancy and the spread of STDs. Secondly, a comprehensive sex education program including condom provision accepts the inevitableness of adolescent sex and encourages students to make wise, safe decisions if they do have sex. * There is enough sexual education available to the adolescents in our society * cosmopolitan health education or sexuality education that includes information on contraception this may delay sexual initiation and increase contraceptive use.Youth development programs that include sex education along with other activities such as, volunteering, mentoring, and job training are associated with delayed first sex and lower teenage pregnancy rates * The environment that an adolescent is exposed to ha s vigour to do with the outcome of teen pregnancy * It was found in a study by the American Medical Association that Teens who live in neighborhoods that have high levels of poverty, low levels of education, and high residential turnover are at a higher risk for teen pregnancy(AMA,7).A identical study found that family factors also contribute to the rising rate of teen pregnancy. These include the income level of the family, as well as the family structure. Teens that were born to teenage parents are also more likely to become teenage parents themselves quotation Page Reising, Michelle. Condom Conundrum Should Condoms be Available in Schools?. health Psychology Home Page. Ed. David Schlundt. Vanderbilt University, n. . Web. 15 Nov. 2011. <http//healthpsych. psy. vanderbilt. edu/condomConumdrum. htm>. Teenage Pregnancy Prevention. Solutions For America. Healthy Families and Children, n. d. Web. 15 Nov. 2011. <http//www. solutionsforamerica. org/healthyfam/teenage-pregnanc y. html>. Young people report high levels of unprotected sex and barriers affecting their right to obtain trustworthy information about sex andTeen PregnancyOn average, 700 girls are impregnated each year in The Bahamas. Twenty percent of these teen mothers have another child while they are still in their teens according to the president of the PACE Foundation, Sonia Brown. We are urging citizens to take a stand and educate our children about contraceptives and the irresponsibility and lack of knowledge that leads to teenage pregnancy. Most teens that have children find it harder to become a part of the work force because their time is more focused on their child.They are less prepared to enter the working world because they are ill prepared due to being forced to be adults at a young age. Thus, not completing school in most instances. When they enter the Job market these teens need assistance with day care and other services that they are often unable to afford due to their minim um wage Jobs that they barely qualify for. Unplanned teenage pregnancies can lead to higher high school dropout rates, higher rates of single parenthood, and lowering scores in math and reading.Stopping teenage pregnancy requires a hands-on connection between parents and hildren, a good educational foundation, and unbiased resources. The COB Gazette is campaigning for *Teaching Sex Education to Stop Teenage Pregnancy Government officials claim that their efforts to fght teenage pregnancy is that they already have parenthood sessions in government schools but those are not effective enough because we still have a large number of teenage pregnancies in The Bahamas today. Sex education starts in the home as well.Parents should begin introducing the subject of puberty and sex with their children at around age 5. At irst these discussions are more based on the relationships between the sexes. Schools also teach teens about the chances and effects of teenage pregnancies, though the approa ch will depend on each school. Teens have hormones raging through their bodies and often misunderstand how these hormones affect their choices about safe sex. Implementing a parenting class to become a part of the curriculum in Bahamian schools will help teach girls about the dedication and time it takes to be a teenage mother.The class should also include lessons on different ypes of contraceptives and birth control methods. *Providing Resources to Prevent In addition to teaching teens about teenage pregnancy, parents and school systems should provide a list of resources for teens that are contemplating having sex. These resources often include phone numbers to local support groups and locations where teens can pick up free condoms. Some school systems can even choose to hand out condoms as part of their safe sex services. *Birth Control and Teen Pregnancies Teenage girls can be placed on birth control to stop teenage pregnancies.This does not mean sexual education is no longer nee ded. Birth control and condoms may prevent teenage pregnancies but they will not stop the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea. When choosing birth control, parents and teens have options. There are daily, monthly and tri-monthly birth control solutions. Daily birth control pills are the most common utilized by teen girls trying to prevent pregnancy. The pills need to be taken at the same time every day, however, which can be difficult for some teen girls to remember.Parents can discuss birth control options with the family physician or gynecologist. The solutions proposed should be greatly considered by the government and schools, as they would pose to be great options in helping our teenage girls. Although the pregnancy rate amongst teens has decreased by two percent over the last ten years, PACE still enrolls 100 to 150 pregnant teens a year. The age group mostly affected by this epidemic are girls ages 14 to 15. We should be making moves to encourage our young girls to make smarter choices.