Thursday, October 17, 2019

Strategic delimma, the quality improvement , equal work load and Case Study

Strategic delimma, the quality improvement , equal work load and quality and patient safety - Case Study Example gaged throughout the project by striving to build trust among team members through team building, strengthening interpersonal relationships and motivating team members by recognizing their contribution to the team (Allio, 2006). I order to get the team underway, Jeff should personally communicate with the expected team members and discuss with them the mission and objectives of the project for them to buy in. After that, he should organize another meeting where they will discuss in detail about the project and progress working on the project with interested members. The committee could have avoided the last minute rush on its project thereby avoiding the conflict on the deadline day of the project. The workload could have been managed easily through cooperation taking in to account the request by one of the team members to be absent for some time at a crucial stage in the project. The committee could work a little bit harder and faster to avoid this scenario. AT the very beginning of the committee’s life, the leader should have come up with a detailed pan on how the workload will be managed. This plan would take in to account significant issues such as the departure by some members at crucial points in the project, including Mariana’s request. The team should include Mariana’s name on the report because of the contribution she has made so far and her desire to do more work to cater for her time off. It was not Marian’s choice to quit the committee at such a point since it was a leadership failure to plan for her absence despite being forewarned. Kyle should reorganize the remaining members in the committee and device a plan for working out the remaining part of the project without Mariana’s contribution. This will facilitate completion of the project within the desired time despite encountering planning problems in the initial strategy of the project. In order to foster strategic thinking in this situation, I will devise an action plan with details

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