Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Identify a development or industrial project or a suburban area Essay

Identify a development or industrial project or a suburban area - Essay Example The location of the project is shown in the figure below: Thinning trees is believed necessary to facilitate stand growth, enhance tree vigor and contain tree mortality due to more competition for resources among trees. However, root root (Pheilinus Weirii) was found rampant across all units and as many as 20% of the roots were found to be infected. Such diseased root stands run the risk of infecting nearby healthy trees and cause massive root decays in the adjoining areas. Further, reduced trees render the area vulnerable to winds which also aids in the transmission of the root disease to new areas. Other potential threats include increased susceptibility to forest fires and winter storms. Move to favour conifer species over Douglas fir tree types to improve plant diversity in the region (increased seed supply, improve resiliency to diseases and provide cover against diseases and insects) Analysis of the water resources is an important consideration for the present case study. It is used to assess any potential increases in new inflows, any changes in the channel morphologies, increase in turbidity and sediments. The key focal point of this issue is the Gunner lake’s drainage area which lies in the region undergoing the thinning project. The current conditions in the channel area have been a result of widespread road building and logging activities since the past 70-80 years. Once again, the focal point for the analysis of fish species and related habitat is the Gunner’s lake and its associated streams. It has been estimated that prior to human activities like rail and road construction, timber harvesting and settlement, the quality of fish habitat in the lake was far more complex and diverse and their population was much larger in comparison to current levels. The primary consideration of the section is to examine the major concerns on the soil resources in the area and analyze the effects of the proposed project (namely road building,

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