Friday, September 27, 2019

Pen pal letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Pen pal letter - Essay Example I would actually tease him every evening to dance a little before he would hug me goodnight. The interest in dancing grew in me though with a lot of resistance from my mother who believed that my concentration in dancing at an early age would adversely affect my education. In fact, I once received a thorough beating from my mother when she learnt that I had sneaked from school and went for kids dancing festival without her knowledge. However, the interest grew in me in last year I decided to talk with my mother of my great interest in dancing and she consented to my interest in joining a music class for part time studies; I therefore enquired from the school and through their guidance; I successfully enrolled for this class last month. I have come to like dancing more, especially after watching the clip you sent me as well as other dancing clips provided for by the school. As it has been my interest, I am enjoying the training on different free styling dancing techniques (Chris and C antrell, 1-2). The class has been instrumental in helping me understand the different other types of street dances which I only used to see in music videos. The moves in the different dancing styles are quite fascinating and some are proving quite challenging to learn fast. I admire some of my friends in class who show high levels of flexibility and are easily copying into dance moves as shown from dance clips. My greatest challenge has been because of the little practice that I have been doing prior to enrolment for this class due to the discouragement from my mother. I actually had very little exposure to dancing despite my keen interest into the same because whenever found dancing by my mother at home, that would attract a punishment. This led to little exposure and I always had the dream of becoming a professional dancer. Nevertheless, I must tell you that the start has been fantastic and I am very eager to learn more in dancing. I have also had great support from my instructor despite my slow pace in learning that I have an outstanding capacity to perfect in dancing. A recent performance in a church forum actually made my mother very happy and she highly apologized for discouraging me from dancing earlier. I am therefore very existed about it and I must thank you for inspiring me into enrolling for this class. The class is in a very conducive environment and the instructors are highly trained in dancing. The class involves two aspects, which are the lecture class as well as the dancing studio class. The lecture class experience is fascinating especially in learning the evolution of various dancing styles. I have found it increasingly interesting to analyze the different dances that have been in the world and more so the backstreet dances. One would likely conclude that then modern day dances are the ultimate thing but I have discovered that more are to be discovered. The lectures have especially been interesting because of the humorous lecturers we have w ho would go miles in explaining and illustrating the dancing stiles being studied. With illustration clips, dancing becomes very real in class and one can never wait for the studio practices. We also hold dance reviews, discussions as well as dance demonstrations with the aid of our lectures in classroom set-ups. The studio practices are on the other hand very interesting as we practice what is learnt in lecture set-ups and this is how I learn

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