Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Saten's evolving self Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Saten's evolving self - Essay Example He simply sacrificed his own happiness for the love had had for Eve. His love for her is evident when he says, â€Å"Sole Eve, Associate sole, to me beyond. Comapre above all living Creatures deare† (lines 227-228). He was unwilling to part with his wife for better and for worse even if it meant disobeying God. For example, he says â€Å"The wife, where danger or dishonor lurks, safest and seemliest by her Husband staies, who guards her, or with her the worst endures† (Lines 267-269). Eve was just greedy, and that is why she accepted to be lured by the devil into eating the forbidden fruit. Eve was easy going and not intelligent hence the reasons as to why the devil wooed her. â€Å"Despairing, seeks to work us woe and shame† (Line 255). Eve despaired and went against all they had been warned against hence bring death and woe. As a result, my client cannot be held accountable for having brought death and woe to the world as the root of this was Eve. Her greed is also evident when she tells Adam, â€Å"This garden, still to tend plant, herb and flour† (Line 206). She was not satisfied with what had been given to them and wanted more and that is why she fell into temptation. Reply 1: The fact that Eve asked for a separation from her husband did not make her loose and greedy. This are attributes she has been having only that the separation gave her room to display her real self. Eve required her own faith to resist the devil and not her husband’s faith. It is from this lack of independence that she brought death to the world. Reply 2: The devil did not force Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, the devil happened to be more intelligent than Eve. The relationship between Adam and Eve was also a healthy during that time, and so Eve was never left exposed or alone. She had the best company of her husband and did not have any reason to give the

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