Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Human Services and its Concern with Human Care Article

Human Services and its Concern with Human Care - Article Example ineluctably this approaches yield the basis for the four-category model theory in order to categorize the piece service organizations. The uniqueness of this model lies in the fact that it makes a last contribution to the societal wellbeing that is based on the conjunction of the needs and the recipients. Also only three of the four approaches can make the definition of kind-hearted services. These approaches, the differentiated approaches, the universal basic, the universal optimal approaches to define the human services and their needs and the characteristics prove their efficacy. In the changing context of a Post new era, as the conceits of basic have been interpreted from different points of view, the two basic welfare approaches have to define the grounds basic human needs. Necessarily these approaches expiry into the concepts of quality of life, human rights, social welfare. But at the same time the universa l optimal approaches are to prepare congenial criteria for the concept of human services. These approaches are outlined in such a way that they are ordained to include all of the services that are offered in a modern state. One of the weak points of these approaches is that they often ignore the concept of Human services as social services that are designed to meet human needs. The concept of care is often confronted with the policies that are directly or indirectly related to the cultural factors and issues regarding age, sex and gender. Also these issues are related to the structure of the unhomogeneous institutions of human society. These factors issues of culture and society are interrelated with each other in such a way that any adverse effect on one of them affects others in a difficult way.

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