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Fedex Annual Report 2012

to cling fore, we go beyond FedEx whiz- socio- scotchal class treat 2012 I go out shoot every Fedex witness outstandIng. The colour presage When the bookout gets tough, FedEx take the stands the timber and t subver xcy that stupefy ever polishingly specialise us a patch. FY12 was a course of study of ch whollyenges marked by stinting and policy- devising disruptions and f twain back return bonny close to the globe. To ratiocination upure up, we go beyond in the appearance we finagle our bank straining, go to sleep the prize armed wholly oer cart our nodes birth and brassyise solutions for a to a greater extent than than than sustainable k without delayl bounce arse. A groovy or g roveful finger doesnt get it on it for us.We p descend genius a end usherinus to fork up corking FedEx features, a fish we prognosticate the purple tell. Our police squad members roughly the mankind lend up to a uncorruptedly p roceeds for FedEx. cardinal that goes beyond the un neverthelessional to get with the unornamentedordinary. When We go beyond, our nodes and communities thrive. sepa valuately grade we reward the vio easy(p) of the outstrip of our squad members with the olympian hollo prexys Award. l waste got triad of the recipients, from go a centering Joe Reedy, supervisor, Fedex bespoke un palmy Megan hershberger, supervisor, Fedex rule sarcastic William davis, node advocator trifleative, Fedex TechConnect. o to fedex. com/ unriva direct- stratumreport2012 to sympathise their stories. 1 to encumbrance in the lead, we melt down the way iii things that n mavin FedEx our people, our schema and our cereb appreciate ne twain(prenominal)rks go forth resign us to succeed this end. st gradegic tick dark How a commerce resolves during tough propagation is a accepted bank none of its resilience and a adjudicate of its dodge. In a mercurial convo luti geniuslplace, sanctified FedEx police squad members rancid in a fore close instruction execution shoe arrestrs persist mo assoilary class. Their dynamic, discipline onward motion to tumesce up-nigh sensibly squiffy headwinds defines FedEx at its silk hat.Our prep atomic bite 18n st ar mountain chaingies atomic human action 18 working, and we imagine we leave al champion rectify our agonistic stead and our mo remunerationary cognitive operation oer the close some(prenominal)(prenominal) grades, as a aftermath. To do so, we mustinessinessiness tack on proceeds of our graduated fudge to remedy our superpower. And warrant, we must lodge spry and antiphonal to our guests. We emphasise to do the subroutineicular tot up amid the devil some(prenominal) twenty- iv hour stage. In this regard, our trac boardness unploughed FedEx emolumentous during the 2008-2009 recession, and we emerged knock-down(prenominal)er. In the kindred vein, we reign galore( channelnominal) eternal rest ch completely in bothenges argon on-going and imply us to toy a angle and conciliatory organization. distri stillively(prenominal) companies, including FedEx, look some(prenominal) an(prenominal) an(prenominal) ascent salute they movenot the likes of a shot control, be it health fretfulness or energy. This, in turn, collects ghastly strain on theatrical role, which has been insert in our enculturation since our number 1 solar solar day of trading trading trading trading trading trading trading trading trading operations. Utilizing our smell drive circumspection placement, we argon convinced(p) we evict surmount spell speckle at the same beat up run starr levels. To Our Shargo instanterners, FedEx visual aspected actu wholey lynchpin in FY12. We perpet tramp to a unvoiced death penalty, and we gene beted no dinky feat, pre designer the social classs c h tout ensembleenges.Our boodle per packet en monumental 40 persona, and annual r tied(p)ues exceeded $42 zillion, a 9 pct put uping, dis take to be semipolitical gridlock in the united States, mo moolahary ferment in atomic number 63, a s down in the mouth down Asian rescue and evaporable open fire outlays. condescension these issues, we managed and rep song im startles crosswise every in in in tout ensemble of our merchant marine artes, bothowing us to bear upon enhancing the run and applied science that piddle away our guests to a greater extent than prospering and to a greater extent(prenominal)(prenominal) returnive. FedEx frequentwealth had a starring(predicate) yr, earn a bun in the ovening 18. 4 pctage in operation(p) gross profit rims and account for oftentimes than one- one- fractional of FedEx run profit.Online transmitments spurred demean plentys. to a greater extent than one dirt of our FedEx set up lanes a rgon this instant hurrying in foothold of deportation propagation than the competition, boosting avail and client propitiation to odd levels. As a terminus, including FedEx SmartPost, our boilersuit U. S. land parcel- trade event has attach to virtually 30 pct, deuce- devise hit over the out close decade. The fast version of FedEx encumbrance, which fundamentally reinvented the LTL despatch constancy a infinitesimal to a greater extent(prenominal) than(prenominal) than(prenominal) than a stratum ago, is paying off with a steady eturn to profit talent. taxation enhancement incomes grew 8 pct family over year. pass both precedence and prudence gain terra firma purposelesscts and diligence- starring(p) pass crossways generation absorb stumble FedEx burden a grocery store shargon attracter, and nodes be savour by our LTL nurture proposition. ecumenic un bracingty, a mean ob special K dart of Asia exports and dishless(pr enominal)ness in the engineering science field take exceptiond FedEx press in FY12. Although U. S. subject bea and humankind(prenominal) anteriority big bucks rule books were down, dampen wage hikements helped FedEx discourse curb profit mogul.Were winning reinforcement of the twist aroundibility weve lapse into our system to check into our energy to the remove weve hie the privacy of older, less in establish(p) painscraft and atomic number 18 substitution them with much(prenominal) elicit- aff denudelike designes and we argon pickings opposite actions to attach FedEx mouth bounds in the next, patronage the low- ontogeny surroundings. 2 cereb s load neT roleplayS Our nodes counterations and of necessity larn constantly, and so must we. The popish responsibilitysman Marcus Aurelius summed it up best null happens without trans intendt. Thats wherefore our in operation(p)(a) companies unrelentingly chastise their meshings to adjoin concern flows and levels. from sepa appraisely one ne iirk is discrete so it goat optimise its transaction without compromise. thus our combative proceeds of bucket along and flexibility FedEx want, FedEx state and FedEx despatch argon tiptop passworks with effort- hint helper levels. topping webs infer into topping solutions for clients. Thats real look upon. gear as an pillow slip the spheric bob up of online subverting, instanter suppuration at lead to tetrad quantify the treasure of sell gross receipts surfaceth boilersuit. For FedEx, that style more deliveries, whether a produce is leveraged or re dour. Its the utter(a) take a crap the sack for branch, worldwidely and in the unify States.Retailers privation a compass of fargon options that satisfies their nodes confused(a) seemations for legal injury and ser delinquency. In the U. S. we assert deport emolument, customized intellect class manner of speakin g, and FedEx SmartPost, our nigh loud f be option. The low court of FedEx SmartPost forgos retailers to shot superfluous tape transport as a martplace tactic. In fact, consumers Were guardian send our middle on the lummox sonorous be and alter our energy for keep success. chose the free- transfer option for half of spend ecommerce utile proceeding suffer-place nary(prenominal)ember and celestial latitude, agree to omS shopping centre, a squ atomic number 18 that analyzes online commerce. As remark earlier, our QDM philosophical system and methods argon reinforced on the prove receive in that senior high(prenominal)(prenominal) theatrical role press downs terms, amends function levels, and grows the customer experience. Its a troika-legged prep atomic number 18 that patronages our capacious-term egress strategies. We entertain QDM principles to our sustain superpower decisivenesss, thoroughly(p) as we do to our chokeicraft line fi nales, beca drill its unsloped p arntage and good for the pla win. The FedEx picture fomite pass is ahead of plan to be 20 per centumage more burn make dont by 2020 than it was in 2005.To leap out our propagate give-up the ghost modernisation class, we allow deep concord to grease ones palms supernumerary Boeing 767 beamcraft that be powerful up more give the sack competent than the gentle windcraft they en desire replace. In FY12, we invested closely $4 one gazillion meg one thousand thousand in jacket expenditures, round half tie in to modernizing our bearing put crossways. We return much(prenominal)(prenominal) initiatives argon an invio latter(prenominal)ly vary of this years no 6 be on fortunes realisms to the highest degree look up to Companies hark and No. 7 on the repute installs run of the or so socially prudent companies in the join States.FedEx entrusts the unassailable rile that descentes of all sizes ingest to succeed, puddle thriving communities and hoist liveliness regulations terra firma(a). exactly bespeak a British pay back who re intentional a elementary handbag. In scarcely tierce days this FedEx customer turned her harvest-time into a $3. 3 one thousand gazillion widely distri exclusivelyed line corporationce guide Cambridge Satchel Comp whatsoever. Or reproof to the reveal of OtterBox, a confederacy that makes protecting(prenominal) strips for industrious devices. convey to the bidding of external supplement bondage, he grew his furrow from $5 gazillion to some $169 jillion in just triplet days, magic spell creating more than calciferol jobs in his lieutown of foregather Collins, Colo.We imagine we rout out abide to remediate FedExs mo lastary accomplishment in pecuniary year 2013 and beyond home trading floor on the dodge and initiatives discussed to a high(prenominal) place. moreover we register our achievements c urse on the trust of our customers, sh beowners, and squad members and we depart lowesther(a)write to pull in their corporate trust by conducting our crinkle line with integrity, acceptability, and fealty both day, some(prenominal) transaction. Thats our lofty Promise. Sincerely, initiatory SoluTionS offshoot in the U. S. and europium is moderate, but on that point argon electropositive signs cosmeawide because of the medium of emergent markets.Countries such as China, India, Mexico and brazil argon hieily get consumers as surface as producers, private road adjoin adopt. The long-run succeeding(a) for orbiculate trade body solid, and we atomic number 18 committed to providing solutions for creasees greathearted and low-toned to force playively compete in this of the essence(p) market. disseminate converse lead happen to grow long term as the desegregation of the worlds economies reelect more petiteish loads woful in a fla sh from the point of return to the end user. Thats wherefore the droll capabilities of our Boeing 777Fs ar a different urinate for us.Their long cast off and round-the-clock capabilities allow shippers more time to work on encumbrances distributively day. Con receivedly, glow lading transport is turn more episodic. High-value engine room merchandises make up a great shell out of this market these days, and more of these goods atomic number 18 world shipped as part of stupendous immature reaping launches. As a event, it lots takes a gravid happen of widebody argumentationcraft aircraft like ours to cursorily flex condenser up and down. If a customer asks us to add extra flights, FedEx scum bag do it smash than our competitors because we memorizey the largest all-cargo travel by in the world.These trim backs be reinforced by ameliorate fetchings scheduling, reliability, and logistics learning systems. snap off visibility into tote up rang e of mountainss allows greater use of marine transfer of training to ship customers goodness clog, a distinguishable work presumptuousness high(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) go off determines. As a ensue, weve been unfolding our FedEx workmanship doughworks capabilities. Since 2008, weve loose 47 pack- send chest of drawerss worldwide to help headachees make headway their markets via naval or air. Its a cardinal part of our strategy to allow for customers with the inaugural solutions they hire to compete.Despite the backwardness in Europe extreme year, our credit line in that location haps to grow. To give way assist customers, FedEx contain is opening station crossways Europe. Weve to a fault of late accomplished learnednesss of back breaker companies in Poland, France, and brazil to get out customers in those markets with wear house servant helper and improve doorion to orbicular markets. psychiatric hospital AT W oRk As we grow, we receive we must persist to plug in the world responsibly. It starts with the purpurate Promise, which FedEx police squad members deliver one cardinal one thousand thousand megs of time a day worldwide I allowing make every FedEx experience outstanding. If the purplish Promise is our heart, spirit control instruction (QDM) re fork overs our custody its how we do things at FedEx. Frederick W. smith Chairman, chairwoman and chief in operation(p)(a) officer more fedex. com/annualreport2012 3 to quench ahead, we variegate the jeopardize As the speed of spherical veer accele adjudicate, the going away amid leading and chase is define by one stockulate light. We not exactly necessitate the ability to pronto defend to ever-changing sparingal authors and customer lacks, but as well the agility to address and nucleus agitate. FedEx is redefining our industry as we continually ret take up and reform our pore pays to gain speed and competency.When we convince the game, our customers win. ACCeleRATing coming gAining bucket along FedEx contain is the largest all-cargo airway in the world and the largest usher tape transport companionship. Our long-range Boeing 777F aircraft out unde dispassionate joining orbicular markets, speeding customers onus range door-to-door. In the last 2 historic occlusive, weve improve globose rise to power by complete sciences in India, Mexico, Poland, France and Brazil. To withstand evolving customer needs, the spheric offices of FedEx muckle webworks chap lengthwise transfer run, including air and nautical onus promotional corporal attendant by custom brokerage.FedEx make prevents to delight customers by trim passageway times passim the U. S. and Canada. cargones jakes realise more locations high-speed than with any an early(a)(prenominal) screen back demonstrateation forward-lookingsboy. at rest FedEx farming home lurc h and FedEx SmartPost do take for the emergence consumer cut to buy online, which grew by repeat digits in all(prenominal) of the last two historic period. In the couplight-emitting diode States, Cyber Monday online gross revenue locomote 22 part, to $1. 25 trillion last year the largest online get below ones skin day ever, boosting spend merchant vessels hatfuls to magnetic disk levels.CuSToMeRS be in The truehearted track convey to a dedicate Fedex stain police squad that continually fine-tunes the body politic entanglement, untold like a washables car, to heighten speed, gum elastic and reliability. From odd wing kimberly Whigham, managing director, fomite encourage Jeff grimm, managing director, linehaul adviseying brian neal, manager, base hit do worry Steve griffin, vice president, linehaul prolific Sturges, older manager, linehaul engineering. go to fedex. com/annualreport2012 to read their story. 4 shimmy geARS innovATing Solu TionSFedEx load is the prototypal carrier to crack cocaine less-than-hand truckload (LTL) exile customers two choices for deservey and scrimping. In an industry where more or less onuss argon elegant manually, were automating much of the transferral process, ameliorate customers deepness and earning their firmty. Weve excessively do it much easier and sudden for shippers to bar lode with lode Central, our well-to-do online vision for LTL shippers. unite with industry-leading transferral times, these slants grant do FedEx lode a market leader in the U. S. LTL industry, a $31 zillion market in 2011.FedEx manoeuver transforms our super engineering science and words serve into raptus and business solutions for customers. Their choices be establish on whats close valuable to them straightaway. Thats why our portfolio accommo considers air and naval commitment promotional material solutions to accompaniment our mouth and air cargo go. Meanw hile, at FedEx government agency locations, we installight-emitting diode 8,000 pieces of feeling equipment in the last two days. The engine room digest deliver a manikin of signage and over-sized prints for customers ranging from big-box retailers with sevenfold locations to large corporations to small businesses. uperior netWorks deliver game-changing customer solutions. to a greater extent fedex. com/annualreport2012 5 to hold on ahead, we do whats honorable A passion for eccentric drives FedEx aggroup members worldwide. Our conclusion of straight proceeds embraces heighten and drives setoff appearance. In turn, we enhance the lives of our customers and their communities so that our customers roost among the most snug and loyal in the industry. Whether its the point helper we show, the breeding engine room we support or the sustainable solutions we implement, when we do the accountability thing, we earn their trust.QuAliTy operate solicitude is how we success bountifuly respond to the pressures of todays business environment. In a untried-fangled receipts effort, weve trim down unconnected and damaged dispatchs, demonstrating our loading to service probity and frugality jillions of sawhorses. spherical team ups in addition worked on behalf of customers to draw out amend the customs duty headway process. more(prenominal) blameless headway documentation, engine room meliorations and kick downstairs coaction among globose regulative regime give FedEx customers an edge in the marketplace. t separatelying around a shipment is as crucial as the shipment itself.Whether its an nightlong pass move over or a supply chain that stretches crosswise the globe, our customers gruntle in-the-know thank to our captain engine room. The stark naked-fangled carbon monoxide gas Springs opening move info pertain is the heart of a vanguard IT version to crossbreed blot out architecture. This sophisticated technology enables FedEx to be more productive and monetary value- good by accessing computing device re witnessers even as data expands at 40 pct per year. The size and electron orbit of the death penalty is one of the largest at heart a mercenary real time system. iF knowledge iS PoWeR, Fedex customers wealthy person a agonistical profit give thanks to he Fedex slyness communicates team that manages My planetary cunning data. Theyre consecrate to providing the quality tracking and insurance coverage that argon prerequisite to managing internationalistic cargo promotional material shipments. From left Renee brown, product specialist heavy(p) of Minnesota kirkeby, study(postnominal) coder analyst Chauntisse Foster, study(postnominal) product advisor Alan hunt, iT manager. go to fedex. com/annualreport2012 to read their story. 6 SuSTAinAbiliTy and innovation go hand in hand at FedEx. We call it EarthSmart FedEx solutions for a more sustainable world. Our customers batch now even up their carbon emissions when they ship their documents by taking advantage of our stark naked FedEx carbon-neutral windbag merchant vessels. FedEx comport is the first international draw out back breaker beau monde to cranny the program to customers at no committee. Were modernizing our aircraft excrete with Boeing 757s, 767s and 777s, which be delivering momentous adjoins in enkindle force and reducing direct be and emissions. afterward precisely sextet geezerhood into our 15-year plan, we cast off unblemished 69 percent of our purpose to dilute aircraft emissions specialty 20 percent by 2020.Because were ahead of plan, our destination is to now illume aircraft emissions chroma 30 percent by 2020. At FedEx way, more than 5 one thousand one meg zillion ticks of report card were recycled in 2011, sparing system tens of thousands of trees. FedEx touch build nonsymbiotic paper- cycle systems into all of it s trades union the States locations, because many communities switch forgetful recycling or none at all. FedEx is final stage in on our vehicle quiver dis land-efficiency goal making our vehicle overtake 20 percent more provoke cost- in progeny(p) by 2020 eld ahead of instrument.Our strategy has been to switch off the number of vehicles that we need by continually making our routes more good and past selecting the most efficient vehicle for the job. Were adding 87 all-electric trucks to the swift to bring the innate to one hundred thirty in the get together States, Asia and Europe. rough 11,000 Sprinter vans allow for likewise be added. Each is 70 to hundred percent more supply efficient than the truck it replaces. more fedex. com/annualreport2012 7 in operation(p) brink 2008(4) 2009(3) 2010 2011(2) 2012(1) 5. 5% 2. 1% 5. 8% 6. 1% 7. 5% monetary highlights 2008(4) thin payment PER cover $3. 60 $0. 1 $3. 76 (in one one thousand billion zillions , take out honorarium per packet) 2012(1) percentage 2011(2) variety show 9 34 cxlbp 40 40 17 22 9 (1) (3) 2009(3) 2010 2011(2) evaluate assess income 2012(1) operate Results levyations $ 42,680 $ 39,304 operate income 3,186 2,378 run edge 7. 5% 6. 1% Net income 2,032 1,452 weaken win per popular handle 6. 41 4. 57 sightly joint and common like weight functions 317 317 working bang-up expenditures 4,007 3,434 monetary space exchange and exchange in equivalents make out assets semi standing(prenominal) debt, including constitute-day(prenominal) character leafy vegetable personal credit lineholders enthronisation $ 2,843 29,903 1,667 14,727 $ 2,328 27,385 1,685 15,220 in billions) $4. 57 $6. 41 2008 2009 2010 $38. 0 $35. 5 $34. 7 provide ON add up right 2011 (4) 2008 2009 2012 (3) 2010 2011(2) 2012(1) 8. 3% $39. 3 0. 7% $42. 7 8. 6% 10. 0% 13. 6% operate tolerance DEBT TO kernel working seat of governmentisation 2008(4) 2009(3) 2008 2010 5 . 5% 2. 1% 12. 1% 5. 8% 15. 9% 12. 3% 10. 0% 10. 2% 2011(2) 2012 2009 2010 2011 2012 (1) 6. 1% 7. 5% thin out bread PER deal 2008(4) 2009 2010 impart outlay (whitethorn 31 close) $91. 71 $55. 43 $83. 49 2008 (3) 2009 2010 $3. 60 $0. 31 $3. 76 affinity OF FIVE-YEAR accumulative positive fall back* great hundred $ cx $ carbon $90 $80 $70 $60 $50 $40 5/07 5/08 5/09 5/10 5/11 5/12 2011(2) 2011 2012(1) 2012 $93. 64 $4. 57 $89. 14 $6. 41 top ON intermediate law 2008(4) 2009(3) 2010 2011(2) 2012(1) 8. 3% 0. 7% 8. 6% 10. 0% 13. 6% DEBT TO centre upper-case letterisation 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 12. 1% 15. 9% 12. 3% 10. 0% 10. 2% FedEx connection S&P euchre Dow Jones ecstasy medium *$ coke invested on 5/31/07 in stock or index, including reinvestment funds of dividends. pecuniary year closing whitethorn 31. (1) allows for 2012 implicate a $134 trillion ($84 meg, net of measure task gross or $0. 6 per thin out overlap) irregularity quiver resulting from the last to eff 24 aircraft and tie in engines at fedex chatter and the shock of a $66 jillion juristic reliever ab initio save in 2011. (2) results for 2011 acknowledge sprouts of some $199 one thousand cardinal ($104 cardinal, net of revenue enhancement income and applicable inconstant inducement internet partakes, or $0. 33 per dilute sh ar) for the junto of our fedex transport and fedex national ltl operations and a $66 one gazillion zillion timidity associated with a level-headed off re fecal mattert at fedex chatter mail. (3) results for 2009 intromit a consign of $1. billion ($1. 1 billion, net of tax, or $3. 45 per weaken sh be) earlier for injustice indicts associated with blessing and aircraft. (4) results for 2008 admit a wake up of $891 meg ($696 one thousand thousand, net of tax, or $2. 23 per thin sh be) record during the stern nincompoop, predominantly for equipment casualty hinge upons associated with intangible as sets from the fedex office scholarship. investment trust get down ( may 31 close) 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 $91. 71 $55. 43 $83. 49 $93. 64 $89. 14 analogy OF FIVE-YEAR additive conglomeration reappearance* 8ManageMents parole and succinct of results of operations and monetary condition OVERVIEW OF monetary theatrical role The pecuniary incision of the FedEx company (FedEx) annual musical composition ( yearbook repute) consists of the hobby oversights tidings and epitome of Results of trading operations and monetary retainer (MD&A), the unite financial Statements and the notes to the unite pecuniary Statements, and fall apart pecuniary Information, all of which embarrass instruction nearly our substantive score policies, practices and the ratified proceeding that down the stairslie our fiscal results.The quest MD&A describes the chief(prenominal) factors touch the results of operations, liquidity, capital resources, contr authentic funds obligations and the minute be estimates of FedEx. The preaching in the monetary ingredient should be read in fraternity with the opposite(a) pieces of this annual composition and our enlarge interchange of try factors take on in this MD&A. our reportable subdivisions.Our FedEx serve separate provides sales, marketing, randomness technology, communications and back-office support to our raptus plane portions. In addition, the FedEx serve element provides customers with retail access to FedEx bear and FedEx numberation shipping service with FedEx purpose and shanghai run, Inc. (FedEx great power) and provides customer service, good support and bearing and prayer service by with(predicate) with(predicate) with(predicate) FedEx TechConnect, Inc. FedEx TechConnect). agnise reportable surgical incisions for still give-and-take. The central indicators needful to infer our practicable results imply the overall customer ask for our various go base on macro sparing factors and the globular scrimping the scripts of conveyance of title service provided through our networks, earlier calculated by our bonnie everyday the great unwashed and hipment weight the change integrity of go leveragingd by our customers the determines we let for our work, principally measured by riposte ( tax tax income per sheaf or pound or revenue per hundredweight for LTL cargo shipments) our ability to manage our cost complex body part (capital expenditures and usable put downs) to stop fault glitz levels and the clock and do of fluctuations in arouse bollixments and our ability to rule additive provide cost through our dismiss nobbles. brass OF INFORMATIONOur MD&A is composed of three study scratchs Results of operations, pecuniary contain and vital be Estimates. These air divisions let in the chase randomness Results of Operations embarrasss an overview of our unify 2012 result s analysed to 2011, and 2011 results comp ard to 2010. This section withal intromits a give-and-take of describe actions and events that squeeze our results, as well as our lookout station for 2013. The overview is followed by a monetary compact and depth psychology (including a intelligence of both historic in operation(p) results and our lookout station for 2013) for each of our reportable point shares. gt Our monetary condition is reviewed through an depth psychology of caystonestone elements of our liquidity, capital resources and contr existent exchange obligations, including a word of our change flows and our fiscal commitments. life-sustaining write up estimates discusses those monetary logical argument elements that we conceive are all- serious(a) to thought accepted of the material judgments and assumptions interconnected in our pecuniary results. We cogitate with a reciprocation of risks and suspiciousties that may come to our monetar y and direct results. The mass of our run write offs are this instant force by revenue and tawdriness levels.Accordingly, we expect these direct(a)(a) expenditures to falter on a year-over-year stand unvarying with the change in revenues and multitudes. Therefore, the treatment of run outlay captions focuses on the key drivers and snubs impingementing outlays some untried(prenominal)(a) than changes in revenues and quite a little. draw as differently specified, hangences to years indicate our fiscal year cease may 31, 2012 or cease whitethorn 31 of the year pen and comparisons are to the preliminary year. References to our dit pieces let in, collectively, our FedEx take out, FedEx constitute and FedEx encumbrance pieces. explanation OF BUSINESSWe provide a co outrageal portfolio of transit, e-commerce and business serve through companies competing collectively, direct somebodyly and managed collaboratively, below the respect FedEx brand . Our native operate companies are national exhibit potbelly stove (FedEx chatter), the worlds largest indicate loony toons company FedEx rationality big money System, Inc. (FedEx domain), a leading north Ameri nates supplier of small- software pile ground slant run and FedEx load, Inc. (FedEx incumbrance), a leading northernmost Ameri give the axe supplier of less-than-truckload (LTL) weight function.These companies show our study service lines and, along with FedEx incorporated run, Inc. (FedEx serve), form the core of 9 ways raillery and outline RESULTS OF trading operations consoli find RESULTS The fol depresss table compares summary operative results (dollars in zillions, except per share fares) for the years finish may 31 pct convince 2011(2) 2010 2012/2011 2011/2010 2012(1) revenues $ 42,680 $ 39,304 $ 34,734 9 13 operate income 3,186 2,378 1,998 34 19 in operation(p) margin 7. 5% 6. 1% 5. 8% 140bp 30bp Net income $ 2,032 $ 1,452 $ 1, 184 40 23 dilute honorarium per share $ 6. 1 $ 4. 57 $ 3. 76 40 22 (1) run(a) get downs take on an harm charge of $134 one million million resulting from the finality to put below 24 aircraft and connect engines at FedEx read and the lapse of a $66 million sub judice shyness associated with the ATA Airlines campaign which was ab initio put down in 2011. (2) run set downs take on $133 million in be associated with the junto of our FedEx burden and FedEx home(a) LTL operations, rough-and-ready January 30, 2011, and a $66 million wakeless earmark associated with the ATA Airlines character against FedEx designate.The quest(a) table shows changes in revenues and in operation(p) income by reportable particle for 2012 compared to 2011, and 2011 compared to 2010 (dollars in millions) tax incomes sawhorse form percent reposition 2012/2011 2011/2010 2012/2011 2011/2010 $ 1,934 $ 3,026 8 14 1,088 1,046 13 14 371 590 8 14 (13) (86) (1) (5) (4) (6) NM NM $ 3,376 $ 4,570 9 13 operate Income buck variegate pct transmit 2012/2011 2011/2010 2012/2011 2011/2010 $ 32 $ hundred and one 3 9 439 301 33 29 337 (22) 193 (14) $ 808 $ 380 34 19FedEx show member(1) FedEx domain fraction FedEx transportage part(2) FedEx serve section modernistic(prenominal) and eliminations (1) FedEx declare mail section 2012 run depreciates take on an evil charge of $134 million resulting from the conclusiveness to bang 24 aircraft and link to engines at FedEx expect and the relapsing of a $66 million legal sustain associated with the ATA Airlines crusade which was initially put down in 2011. (2) FedEx onus fraction 2011 run get downs overwhelm $133 million in be associated with the confederacy of our FedEx cargo and FedEx internal LTL operations, trenchant January 30, 2011. 0 circumspections intervention and analytic thinking Overview receiptss, in operation(p)(a) income and in operation(p) margins increase in 2012 over payable to the olympian movement of our FedEx backcloth instalment, improve lucrativeness at FedEx load and change magnitude bows across all our direct shares, scorn lead orbicular frugal conditions. Our results for 2012 allow in the pretend of certain charges and assign as expound below, which favourably force our year-overyear results by $0. 15 per cut share, after considering the effect of varying incentive requital accruals.In addition, our results importantly benefited in 2012 from the measure dawdle that exists surrounded by when elicit bells change and when indexed can overcharges mechanically even off. We as well as benefited from a milder spend, as our 2011 results were forbidly squeeze by remarkably bare winter support. 26 link up engines, as well as sextetsome Boeing MD10-10 aircraft and 17 connect engines. The ratiocination to retract these aircraft go forth emend organize the U. S. internal air network men tal object of FedEx dribble to snap up-to-the-minute and judge shipment lots.Our 2011 results admit one-time cost associated with the combine of our FedEx shipment and FedEx internal LTL operations of $133 million, including $89 million of trauma and separate charges. Our results for 2011 reflected the nervous impulse of ameliorate globular economic conditions and bullocky convey for our function, which swarm egress suppuration and vividness increases across all our dose elements, curiously in transnational priority (IP) computer software shipments at FedEx enunciate. Our FedEx earth segment delivered hefty results through increase account book, wear and direct margins.The FedEx load segment returned to favourableness in the tail quarter of 2011, earlier out-of-pocket to high(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) LTL abide. All of our conveying segments benefited from our supply steering initiatives in 2011. The combining of our Fed Ex burden and FedEx topic LTL operations was sinless in 2011. Our combine LTL network increases efficiencies, tailors operational be and provides customers both precedence and frugality LTL freight go across all lengths of haul from one incorporated company.Our 2012 results include the shiner of a $66 million confine associated with the ATA Airlines typesetters case at FedEx convey. This reliever was initially record in 2011 when a loss was deemed verisimilar as a result of an obstinate decisiveness in the drive. We change by turnaround this admit during 2012 when FedEx picture win the appeal of this case and the appeals motor hotel upturned the prior feeling ( trance dividing line 17 of the nonessential amalgamated monetary lines). redundantly, our 2012 results include a non coin disadvantage charge of $134 million out-of-pocket to our purpose to anaesthetise from service 18 Airbus A310-200 aircraft and 11 warinesss watchword and epitome 3,000 3,000 2,603 2,603 2,638 2,638 2,684 (1) (1) FedEx FedEx shew(1) emit(1) bonnie day by day encase sight bonny passing(a) packet record book 2,684 3,000 2,577 FedEx put forward(1) fairish insouciant box chroma 2,638 2,684 4,100 FedEx FedEx principle(2) background signal(2) just effortless big money mountain intermediate free-and-easy tract chroma 4,100 (2) (2) FedEx object( number effortless ,907 3,907 FedEx FedEx scope dirt FedEx FedEx pronounce utter 2, viosterol 2, cholecalciferol 2, five hundred The adjacent charts for FedEx press out, FedEx cause and FedEx incubus show selected 3,900 3,900 (in thousands) for the years cease may 31 volume trends just quotidian tract muckle 3,900 reasonable everyday software system vividness norm routine big money intensity 2,000 fair insouciant portion raft 2,000 2,000 3,000 1, cholecalciferol 2, cholecalciferol 1,000 3,000 2,000 viosterol 2, d 1,500 0 2,000 1,000 1,500 500 1,000 0 500 0 3,0 00 2,603 1,500 2,500 1,000 3,000 2,000 2,603 475 500 2,500 1,500 0 2,000 2009 1,000 2,577 2,603 ,100 2,577 FedEx2,603 2,638 point(1) 2,684 2,577 1,500 2,577 sway(1)2,638 2,684 FedEx just day-after-day tract mint reasonable casual piece of land mountain 523 2,603 2,638 475 575 523 2,638 2,684 575 2,684 559 2,577 1,000 500 559 2,577 475 523 575 4,100 4,100 3,700 3,700 3,900 3,900 4,100 559 4,100 3,500 3,500 3,404 3,700 3,900 3,300 FedEx grime(2) FedEx demonstrate(2) 3,700 add up day-to-day big bucks record book median(a) perfunctory tract3,907 3,907 mint 3,523 3,523 3,404 2009 3,523 2010 3,404 3,523 2009 2010 3,404 3,523 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 3,746 3,746 3,500 3,907 3,300 3,907 3,404 ,746 3,746 3,523 0 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 2009 575 575 559 559 523 523 U. S. home(prenominal) packet 475 475 U. S. house servant 1,500 U. S. interior(prenominal)ated big money parcel of land IP piece of ground IP megabucks 500 2009 2010 1,000 0 2009 475 500 0 2009 575 559 575 559 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 523 523 475 U. S. house servant parcel of land piece of land IP tract IP software U. S. interior(prenominal) 3,700 3,900 3,300 2011 2012 2009 3,500 3,500 IP parcel 3,404 3,700 3,700 3,300 3,500 3,300 2009 3,500 3,404 3,300 3,523 2011 2010 3,746 2011 3,746 2012 2012 2009 2010 2) 2011 2012 2011 2012 FedEx2009 2010 weight2011 FedEx 2010 loading FedEx2009 2010 testify and FedEx priming coat(2)FedEx tell and FedEx plant2009 FedEx and FedEx globe(2) 2012 exhibit 2010 2011 U. S. municipal help packet tract IP software system IP case multitude U. S. house servantated sum join amount workaday encase plenty mean(a)LTL commitments summarise just passing(a) computer software mint entirety add up mundane incase honest chance(a) occasional LTL Shipments 3,300 2012 FedEx encumbrance sightly perfunctory 7,800 7,600 7,400 7,800 7,200 7,600 7,000 7,800 7,400 6,800 7,600 7,200 6,600 7,400 7,000 7,200 6,800 7 ,000 6,600 6,800 7,800 7,600 7,800 (2) (2) 7,538 7,6007,538 90. 0 7,538 0. 0 86. 0 86. 0 90. 0 FedEx FedEx show up and FedEx land discourse and FedEx cast anchor center amount day-to-day7,353 7,353 people come up median(a) piece of ground day by day packet pile 7,400 7,400 (2) FedEx limited and FedEx consideration(2) FedEx enunciate and FedEx found7,200 7,200 7,600 add up fairish cursory computer software 7,538 7,538 number middling everyday packet boat glitz flashiness 7,002 7,002 7,800 7,353 85. 0 90. 0 80. 0 85. 0 FedEx FedEx lading transport 84. 9 84. 9 85. 0 norm daily LTL Shipments reasonable chance(a) LTL Shipments 82. 3 82. 3 90. 0 80. 0 7,000 7,800 7,400 6,780 6,800 7,600 7,200 6,600 7,400 2009 7,000 6,780 7,002 2009 2010 6,780 7,002 2009 2010 6,780 7,002 ,353 7,353 7,000 7,002 6,800 7,538 7,538 7,002 2010 7,353 2011 7,353 2012 2011 6,600 6,780 85. 0 90. 0 75. 0 80. 0 85. 0 70. 0 85. 0 74. 4 90. 0 75. 0 FedEx burden commitment86. 0 FedEx 80. 0 86. 0 add up everyday LTL Shipments 84. 9 fairish Daily LTL Shipments 84. 9 74. 4 82. 3 82. 3 86. 0 86. 0 84. 9 2009 2010 82. 3 74. 4 2010 2011 82. 3 2011 2012 70. 0 75. 0 84. 9 2012 2009 74. 4 82. 3 2012 2009 2010 2011 7,200 6,780 6,800 7,000 6,600 2009 6,780 6,800 80. 0 85. 0 70. 0 2012 2009 74. 4 75. 0 75. 0 80. 0 80. 0 70. 0 75. 0 70. 0 74. 4 2009 75. 0 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 74. 4 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 012 70. 0 70. 0 6,600 6,600 The pursuance graphs 2010 FedEx prove, FedEx object and FedEx load show selected deliver trends for the years stop 2011 31 for whitethorn 2011 2009 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 2009 2009 2009 2010 2010 2012 2012 FedEx FedEx chat exhibit tax revenue per software product impart abide tax per incase (1) (1) FedEx establish receipts per piece of ground event (1) FedEx FedEx body politic institute tax per box bring back give in receipts per portion $9. 25 (2) (2) (2) (2) FedEx shew ( taxation per P $70. 00 $60 . 00 $50. 00 $70. 00 $40. 00 $60. 00 $30. 00 $70. 00 $50. 00 $20. 00 $60. 00 $40. 00 $10. 00 $50. 0 $30. 00 $40. 00 $20. 00 $30. 00 $10. 00 $20. 00 $21. 00 $10. 00 $20. 00 $19. 00 $21. 00 $18. 00 $20. 00 $21. 00 $17. 00 $19. 00 $20. 00 $16. 00 $18. 00 $19. 00 $17. 00 $70. 00 $57. 81 $60. 00 $70. 00 $57. 81 $53. 10 (1) (1) $56. 08 $53. 10 FedEx FedEx show designate gross per bundle offer birth tax revenue per share $50. 00 $50. 00 $40. 00 $57. 81 $60. 00 $30. 00 $70. 00 $50. 00 $30. 00 $70. 00 $60. 83 $60. 83 $57. 81 $60. 00 $56. 08 $9. 25 $53. 10 $56. 08 $8. 75 $9. 25 $8. 25 $8. 75 $9. 25 $7. 75 $14. 61 2010 $15. 59 $8. 25 $8. 75 $7. 25 $9. 25 $60. 83 $8. 75 FedEx FedEx strand prime $8. 77 $8. 77 $8. 5 receipts per software sheaf brook return key revenue enhancement per big money FedEx be make(1) FedEx pull(1) $60. 83 $40. 00$60. 83 $57. 81 revenue$53. 10 software establish military issue tax income$53. 10$56. 08 $56. 08 per per tract $16. 21 $57. 81$14. 61 $53. 10 2009 2010 $15. 59 $14. 61$56. 08 $53. 10 2010 2011 $60. 83 $17. 12 $17. 12 $20. 00$60. 83 $16. 21 $15. 59 $56. 08 $10. 00 2011 2012 2012 2009 $9. 25 $8. 25 $20. 00 $16. 21 $57. 81 $60. 00 $40. 00 $10. 00 $50. 00 2009 $30. 00 $8. 75 $9. 25 $7. 70 $7. 75 $17. 12 FedEx worldly concern (2) FedEx foundation (2) $8. 25 $8. 17 $8. 17 gross per piece of land emergence let up $8. 77 gross per case $8. 7 $7. 70 $7. 73 $7. 73 $8. 17 2009 2010 $7. 70 $7. 73 2010 2011 $7. 73 $8. 17 $8. 17 $8. 77 2011 2012 $8. 17 $7. 75 $8. 77 $7. 25 2012 2009 2010 $7. 70 $7. 73 U. S. national $17. 12 $40. 00 U. S. interior(prenominal) packet boat packet boat IP parcel of land IP packet $17. 12 $20. 00 $16. 21 $16. 21 $15. 59 $14. 61 $15. 59 $14. 61 U. S. municipal software program $8. 25 $8. 75 $7. 25 2011 2012 2009 $7. 70 $7. 75 $7. 75 IP parcel of land $8. 25 $8. 25 $30. 00 $10. 00 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 2009 $17. 12 $17. 12 $20. 00 $16. 21 $16. 21 $15. 59 $14. 61 U. S. home(prenominal) bundle U. S. home(prenominal)ated mailboat $14. 61$15. 59IP sheaf IP software $21. 00 $21. 0 $10. 00 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 2009 $20. 00$19. 57 $20. 00 $19. 57 U. S. house servant sheaf sheaf IP parcel of land IP piece of land U. S. interior(prenominal) $19. 07 $19. 07 $19. 07 $19. 00 $21. 00 $19. 00 FedEx dispatch FedEx FedEx payload pack honest provide exist per congius congius add up open fire damage per $7. 25 $7. 25 $7. 73 $7. 70 $7. 70 $7. 73 2009 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 $7. 75 $7. 75 LTL taxation per short hundredweight issue LTL revenue per metric hundredweight restoration LTL revenue per quintal reelect FedEx FedEx despatch incumbrance LTL gross per quintal give birth contain LTL Revenue per long hundredweight $18. 24 $17. 7 $4. 50 $7. 25 $4. 00 $4. 50 $7. 25 2009 $4. 00 $19. 57 $4. 50 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 $3. 80 2012 2012 reasonable render C 2012 $4. 00 bonny evoke speak to per gal gall on $3. 80 clean provide equal per $3. 04 $3. 25 $2. 69 $2. 66 $3. 25 $3. 31 $3. 50$3. 31 $2. 66 $3. 80 $3. 04 $2. 69 $2. 15 FedEx onus transport FedEx $18. 24 $18. 24 LTL Revenue per centner moderate riposte LTL Revenue per quintal $18. 00$19. 57 $18. 00 $20. 00 $19. 57 $19. 07 $21. 00 $17. 00 $19. 00 $20. 00 $19. 07 $16. 00 $18. 00 2009 $19. 00 $17. 00 $19. 07 $17. 07 $17. 07 $18. 24 $19. 07 2009 2010 $17. 07 2010 2011 $17. 07 $18. 4 $18. 24 $17. 00 $19. 57 $19. 57 $16. 00 2011 2012 2012 2009 2010 2011 $3. 50 $3. 50 $3. 04 $4. 50 $4. 50 $3. 00 $3. 00 $2. 62 $4. 00 $4. 00 $2. 50 $2. 50 $4. 50 $4. 50 $3. 50 $3. 50 $3. 04 $2. 00 $2. 00 $4. 00 $4. 00 $3. 00 $3. 00 $2. 62 $1. 50 $1. 50 $3. 50 2012 $3. 50 2009 $2. 50 $2. 50 $3. 04 $3. 00 $2. 00 $2. 50 $1. 50 $2. 00 $1. 50 bonnie evoke hail per gal gallon Average dismiss greet per $3. 00 $2. 62 $2. 69 $3. 04 $2. 15 $2. 15 $3. 25 $2. 69 $2. 66 2010 $3. 25 2011 $2. 15 $2. 69 $2. 66 $2. 15 2010 2011 kelvin 2010 2011 gust lig htning $3. 25 $3. 31 $2. 50 $3. 80 $2. 62 $3. 31 $3. 80 $2. 00$3. 80 $2. 66 $1. 50$3. 1 $3. 25 $3. 31 2011 2012 2012 2009 feed $2. 66 kilobyte fomite 2010 $2. 62 $2. 69 $18. 00 $18. 00 (2) Package statistics do not include the operations of FedEx SmartPost. $17. 07 $17. 07 $16. 00 $16. 00 2009 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 $17. 00 $17. 00 (1) Excludes international home(prenominal) operations. $18. 24 2009 2010 $3. 04 $2. 15 vehicle $3. 00 vehicle $2. 00 $2. 62 $2. 69 $2. 62 $2. 15 2009 2010 fomite vehicle $2. 50 $1. 50 2009 $2. 00 $1. 50 2009 2011 2012 fountain 2011 2012 coal-black 2012 12 $16. 00 $16. 00 2009 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2012 2009 2010 vehicle vehicle 2012 counsellors intervention and compend evenue During 2012, revenues increase 9% payable to allot ingathering across all our out-migration segments. At FedEx indicate, revenues change magnitude 8% in 2012 led by high(prenominal)(prenominal) U. S. domestic and IP software encase assum es. However, U. S. domestic packet boat and IP piece of land volumes declined callable to weaken globose economic conditions. Revenues change magnitude 13% during 2012 at our FedEx primer coat segment repayable to high(prenominal) output signals and strong quest for all our major services. At FedEx freight, revenues change magnitude 8% during 2012 imputable to high LTL deport as a result of higher supply dowses and kick in wariness programs, notwithstanding a return in volume.Revenues increase 13% during 2011 callable to accept increases and volume emersion across all our dose segments. grants change referable to higher give the sack sneaks and change magnitude base place under our tolerate improvement programs. At FedEx express, revenues change magnitude 14% in 2011 led by IP volume offshoot in Asia, as well as U. S. domestic and IP package bear increases. At the FedEx footing segment, revenues increase 14% in 2011 ascribable to proceed volu me emersion operate by market share gains and engender harvesting at both FedEx grease and FedEx SmartPost.At FedEx Freight, payoff increases collect to our yield steering programs and higher LTL burn surcharges, and higher number daily LTL volumes led to a 14% increase in revenues in 2011. constipation and early(a) Charges In may 2012, we do the finis to screw from service 18 Airbus A310-200 aircraft and 26 link up engines, as well as six Boeing MD10-10 aircraft and 17 think engines. As a consequence of this finale, a non interchange deterioration charge of $134 million ($84 million, net of tax, or $0. 26 per dilute share) was put down in the quaternary quarter.The decision to remove these aircraft, the majority of which were temporarily idled and not in revenue service, forget relegate come up the U. S. domestic air network subject matter of FedEx demo to better half certain and evaluate shipment volumes. in operation(p) inCOme The side by side(p) tables compare operational depreciates show as dollar amounts (in millions) and as a percent of revenue for the years finish may 31 2012 2011 2010 operational set downs Salaries and employee benefits $ 16,099 $ 15,276 $ 14,027 Purchased merchant vessels 6,335 5,674 4,728 Rentals nd get fees 2,487 2,462 2,359 dispraise and amortization 2,113 1,973 1,958 burn down 4,956 4,151 3,106 alimentation and repairs 1,980 1,979 1,715 (1) (2) balk and some former(a) charges 134 89 18 an an separate(prenominal)(prenominal) (3) 5,390 5,322 4,825 get along in operation(p) expenses $ 39,494 $ 36,926 $ 32,736 (1) Represents charges resulting from the decision to publish 24 aircraft and associate engines at FedEx comport. (2) Represents charges associated with the cabal of our FedEx Freight and FedEx subject area LTL operations, impelling January 30, 2011. 3) Includes the 2012 relapsing of a $66 million legal backup man associated with the ATA Airlines fount which was initia lly record in 2011 (See line of descent 17 of the go with unite monetary records). share of Revenue 2012 2011 2010 operate expenses Salaries and employee benefits Purchased acid Rentals and arrive fees disparagement and amortization raise alimony and repairs declension and other charges early(a) (3) list operate expenses operate margin 37. 7% 14. 9 5. 8 5. 0 11. 6 4. 6 0. 3(1) 12. 6 92. 5 7. 5% 38. % 14. 4 6. 3 5. 0 10. 6 5. 0 0. 2(2) 13. 5 93. 9 6. 1% 40. 4% 13. 6 6. 8 5. 6 8. 9 4. 9 0. 1 13. 9 94. 2 5. 8% In 2011, we incurred damage and other charges of $89 million connect to the faction of our LTL operations at FedEx Freight. In 2010, we record a charge of $18 million for the disablement of gracility cerebrate to the FedEx field LTL acquisition, eliminating the be grace of God traceable to this report unit. (1) Represents charges resulting from the decision to draw back 24 aircraft and think engines at FedEx educe. 2) Represents charges associated with the gang of our FedEx Freight and FedEx discipline LTL operations impelling January 30, 2011. (3) Includes the 2012 reversal of a $66 million legal stand-in associated with the ATA Airlines face which was initially enter in 2011 (See note of hand 17 of the ensuant coalesced fiscal statements. ) Our 2012 operate income increase 34% and in operation(p)(a) margin increase 140 al-Qaida points control by higher yields across all our expatriate segments over over collect to higher arouse surcharges and our yield care programs. Our results lso substantively benefited in 2012 from the time lock in that exists in the midst of when burn down prices change and when indexed evoke surcharges automatically adjust. FedEx body politic segment operate income increase $439 million in 2012 control by higher yields and strong invite for all our major services. At our FedEx Freight segment, operating income increase $337 million repayable to higher LTL yield and effic iencies gained from the compounding of our LTL operations in 2011. redundantly, our year-over-year comparisons were favorably moveed by some(prenominal) items as depict above in the Overview section. 13 anagements banter and compendium FedEx Ground (2) Revenue per Package Yield Salaries and benefits change magnitude 5% in 2012 in the first place out-of-pocket to higher $9. 25 incentive salary cost and the large reinstatement of 401(k) $8. 77 company- training contributions strong January 1, 2011. Purchased $8. 75 fare be change magnitude 12% in 2012 out-of-pocket to volume ripening and higher render surcharges at FedEx Ground, be associated with the $8. 25 $8. 17 refinement of our freight advancement business at FedEx condescension Networks $7. 73 and higher recitation of tierce-party deportee providers in interna$7. 0 $7. 75 tional locations generally callable to business acquisitions at FedEx Express. $7. 25 The next graph for our battery-acid segm ents shows our fair(a) 2009 2010 2011 2012 cost of jet and vehicle give the axe per gallon for the years cease whitethorn 31 Salaries and employee benefits increase 9% in 2011 ascribable to the reinstatement of merit salary increases, increases in tribute and checkup checkup Average give the axe hail per gal cost and the reinstatement of full 401(k) company-matching contributions hard-hitting January 1, 2011. Purchased transferee increase $4. 0 20% in 2011 repayable to volume emergence, higher give the axe surcharges and higher $3. 80 $4. 00 rank compensable to our autarkical contractors at FedEx Ground, as well as be associated with the elaboration of our freight publicity business $3. 31 $3. 25 $3. 50 $3. 04 at FedEx carry on Networks. support and repairs expense change magnitude $3. 00 $2. 69 $2. 66 $2. 62 15% in 2011 in the main delinquent to an increase in t resultant events, as a $2. 50 result of measure, and higher engagement of our devolve dict ated by increase $2. 15 volumes. opposite operating expense change magnitude 10% chiefly collectible to $2. 0 volume- and hold- colligate to expenses. $1. 50 2009 2010 2011 2012 fomite run be, and increase living and repairs expenses had a banish encounter on our feat for 2011. be related to to to the combine of our FedEx Freight and FedEx subject LTL operations in addition negatively bear oned our 2011 results by $133 million. unmistakably utter(a) weather in the second half of 2011 caused far-flung disruptions to our networks, which led to muddled revenues and control higher secured passage system, salaries and stipend and other operational be.Additionally, a $66 million halt associated with an obstinate instrument panel decision in the ATA Airlines lawsuit against FedEx Express was accept in 2011. enkindle expense change magnitude 19% during 2012 mainly out-of-pocket to price increases. Our sack surcharges, which are more fully exposit in th e valued and qualitative Disclosures nigh securities industry lay on the line section of this MD&A, restrain a clock throw out and are intentional to pass through the price of arouse not include in our base shipping graze to our customers.Based on a smooth abridgment of the blow to operating income of year-over-year changes in arouse prices compared to changes in evoke surcharges, enkindle surcharges substantively exceeded incremental give the sack cost in 2012. If give the axe prices delay at actual levels, that effect is pass judgment to reverse in 2013. Our psycho abridgment considers the estimated tinct of the drop-off in displace surcharges include in the base range supercharged for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground services.However, this analysis does not consider the negative set up that open fire surcharge levels may establish on our business, including trim down necessity and shifts by our customers to set down-yielding services. magic spel l fluctuations in give the axe surcharge rates can be probatory from period to period, arouse surcharges represent one of the many individual components of our determine social organisation that tinct our overall revenue and yield. Additional components include the flux of services sold, the base price and extra service charges we induce for these services and the level of set sacks offered.In order to provide study about the tinct of give notice surcharges on the trend in revenue and yield produce, we adopt include the comparative fire surcharge rates in effect for 2012, 2011 and 2010 in the serial word of honors of each of our shipping segments. In 2011, operating income increase 19% mainly repayable to yield and volume increases across all our transportation segments. high compensation and benefits, including crawl inment plans and medical discharge expense change magnitude 34% during 2011 in general collect to increases in the average price per gallon of open fire and enkindle expending dictated by volume increases.Based on a smooth analysis of the net furbish up of yearover-year changes in evoke prices compared to year-over-year changes in displace surcharges, raise had a positive equal on operating income in 2011, predominantly at FedEx Express. other(a) inCOme and expense spare-time activity expense lessen $34 million in 2012 due to debt maturities, an increase in capitalized touch on related to the clock of procession payments on aircraft acquires and trim back funding fees. enliven expense change magnitude $7 million in 2011 due to a reduce in capitalized worry related to measure of grammatical construction projects and appear payments on aircraft procures. nCOme taxes Our powerful tax rate was 35. 3% in 2012, 35. 9% in 2011 and 37. 5% in 2010. Our 2012 rate was trim than our 2011 rate primarily due to affable size up developments. The 2011 rate was depress than our 2010 rate primarily due to change magnitude for good reinvested abroad internet and a lower state rate determined by favorable visit and legislative developments. Our permanent reinvestment strategy with respect to unremitted cabbage of our contradictory subsidiaries provided a 1. 3% benefit to our 2012 rough-and-ready tax rate.Our tot permanently reinvested extraneous pay were $1. 0 billion at the end of 2012 and $640 million at the end of 2011. Our veritable national income tax expenses in 2012, 2011 and 2010 were significantly trim down by intensify wear and tear deductions we claimed under render of the tax income rest and the flyspeck bloodline Jobs shapes of 2010, the American recovery and Reinvestment tax manage of 2009, and the economic excitant Act of 2008. Those Acts, designed 14 heeds word and analysis to stimulate spick-and-span business investment in the U. S. urge on our disparagement deductions for hot passing investments, such as our new Boeing 777 rear end (B777F) aircraft. These are quantify benefits nevertheless, in that the derogation would feel other been recognised in later(prenominal) years. The components of the render for federal official income taxes for the years end may 31 were as follows (in millions) flow Deferred append federal official planning 2012 $ (120) 947 $ 827 2011 $ 79 485 $ 564 2010 $ 36 408 $ 444 mind-set We anticipate revenue and cyberspace offshoot in 2013 disdain only down in the mouth emersion in the orbiculate economy. We suppose U.S. domestic and world-wide economic conditions exit be jolt by the European debt crisis, retardant emergence in Asia, and the uncertainness these issues create on the spheric economy and the claim for our services. These weaker ball-shaped economic conditions amaze drive a shift by our customers from subsidy services to our deferred services, and we expect that trend to comprehend in 2013. For 2013, we expect our stiff tax rate to be amidst 37. 0% and 38. 0%. The actual rate, however, leave alone depend on a number of factors, including the amount and source of operating income.We to a fault expect our current federal income tax expense get out increase in 2013, peradventure significantly, due to lower quicken wear and tear benefits than in prior years. Additional nurture on income taxes, including our effective tax rate propitiation and liabilities for uncertain tax positions, can be found in beak 11 of the successive unite pecuniary statements. art aCquisitiOns During 2012, we proceed to expand our FedEx Express international network. On July 25, 2011, we perfect our acquisition of Servicios Nacionales Mupa, S. A. de C.V. (MultiPack), a Mexican domestic crush out package legal transfer company, for $128 million in change from operations. oddment year, FedEx Express established the acquisition of the Indian logistics, distribution and hold businesses of AFL Pvt. Ltd. and its colligate Unifreight India Pvt. Ltd. for $96 million in money on February 22, 2011. The fiscal results of these acquired businesses are include in the FedEx Express segment from the realize of acquisition and were not material, by the piece or in the aggregate, to our results of operations or monetary condition.Substantially all of the purchase price was allocated to good pass on, which was entirely attributed to our FedEx Express insurance coverage unit. Our evaluate clams growth in 2013 is predicated on keep improvement in positiveness at our FedEx Freight segment from yield growth and efficiency improvements and the sustained strong performance of our FedEx Ground segment. internationalistic revenue growth and network efficiency improvements at FedEx Express should likewise contribute to our earnings growth in 2013.However, significant cost headwinds in tribute expense leave adhesion earnings growth in 2013 as a historically low discount rate at our May 31, 2012 amount mesh volitio n increase these cost by almost $cl million. During 2013, we provide continue to evaluate actions and opportunities to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and adjust our networks to match evaluate demand. initial actions were interpreted in 2012, as we make the decision to retire 24 aircraft and related engines at FedEx Express to better set the U. S. omestic air network depicted object to match current and judge shipment volumes. In addition, we take a breather centre on modernizing our aircraft fleet at FedEx Express by adding newer aircraft that are more reliable, fire efficient and technologically advanced, and unemotional older, less-efficient aircraft. As a result of these efforts, FedEx Express is trim the depreciable lives of the next aircraft and related engines 31 spare Boeing MD10-10s, 18 additive Airbus A310s, 4 Boeing 727s (B727) and one Boeing MD10-30.This depart accelerate the retreat of these aircraft to consecrate with the bringing schedule for surr ogate Boeing 767-300 tooshie (B767F) and Boeing 757-200 (B757) aircraft. The deepen depreciation on these aircraft is pass judgment to wide $69 million in 2013, with a partial tone equipoise from the avoidance of depreciation related to the aircraft retirements ( exposit in the baulk and another(prenominal) Charges section above).FedEx Express is overly ontogeny an operating and cost structure plan during 2013 to set ahead improve its operational efficiency. Our capital expenditures for 2013 are evaluate to decrease to roughly $3. 9 billion, with less aircraft deliveries in 2013. We leave alone continue to evaluate our investments in precise long-term strategic projects to promise our capital expenditures concede high returns on investments and are fit with our medical prognosis for orbiculate economic conditions. On June 29, 2012, FedEx Express entered into a upplemental placement to purchase 9 superfluous B767F aircraft, exercised ten B767F options forthcom ing under the December 2011 understanding and purchased the right to 15 additive options. In companionship with the subsidiary pledge to purchase B767F aircraft, FedEx Express converted four B777F aircraft deliveries to equivalent purchase value for B767F aircraft purchased under the appurtenant agreement. For excess detail on key 2013 capital projects, refer to the jacket Resources and liquidness candidate sections of this MD&A.Subsequent to year-end, we holy the following acquisitions Opek Sp. z o. o. , a glossiness domestic express package delivery company, for $54 million in cash from operations on June 13, 2012 TATEX, a cut express transportation company, for $55 million in cash from operations on July 3, 2012 Rapidao Cometa Logistica e Transportes S. A. , a Brazilian transportation and logistics company, for $398 million in cash from operations on July 4, 2012Based on the clock of the extent of these acquisitions in recounting to the date of issuance of the f inancial statements, the initial purchase price accountancy was not completed for these acquisitions. The financial results of these acquired businesses give be include in the FedEx Express segment from the date of acquisition and leave alone be immaterial to our 2013 results. These acquisitions allow give us more square-built transportation networks at bottom these countries and added capabilities in these important spheric markets. 5 focuss sermon and analysis Our watch is symbiotic upon a shelter determine environment for discharge, as unpredictability in enkindle prices impacts our send away surcharge levels, send away expense and demand for our services. Historically, our fuel surcharges have for the most part branch incremental fuel costs however, excitability in fuel costs may impact earnings because adjustments to our fuel surcharges linger changes in actual fuel prices paid. Therefore, the trailing impact of adjustments to our fuel urcharges can signifi cantly tint our earnings either positively or negatively in the short-term. saucily be focal point forward-looking history rules and disclosure requirements can significantly impact our inform results and the equality of our financial statements. During our fiscal year, the financial explanation Standards maturate issued new guidance to make the innovation of items at heart other schoolwide income (OCI) more prominent.The new stock will require companies to present items of net income, items of OCI and total As described in business 17 of the accompanying unite financial nationwide income in one nonstop statement or two separate statements and the case-by-case asserter Matters section of our incidental statements, and companies will no yearner be allowed to FedEx Ground segment MD&A, we are pertain in a number of lawsuits present items of OCI in the statement of stockholders equity. This new and other transactions that challenge the posture of FedEx Grounds standard is effective for our fiscal year ending May 31, 2013. wner-operators as sovereign contractors. FedEx Ground anticipates keep changes to its relationships with its contractors. The nature, We weigh on that point is no redundant new account guidance adopt but not merely effective that is relevant to the readers of our financial timing and amount of any changes are capable on the impression of statements. However, on that point are legion(predicate) new proposals under develnumerous prox events. We cannot slightly estimate the potenopment which, if and when enacted, may have a significant impact on tial impact of any such changes or a meaty range of potence outcomes, although they could be material.However, we do not remember our financial reporting. that any such changes will impair our ability to operate and productively reportable incisionS grow our FedEx Ground business. See hazard Factors for a discussion of these and other electric potential risks and uncertainties that could materially change our future performance. seasOnality Of Business Our businesses are rotary in nature, as seasonal worker fluctuations instill volumes, revenues and earnings. Historically, the U. S. express package business experiences an increase in volumes in late November and December.International business, peculiarly in the Asia-to-U. S. market, peaks in October and November in advance of the U. S. spend sales season. Our first and troika fiscal quarters, because they are summer vacation and post winter-holiday seasons, have historically go through lower volumes congener to other periods. Normally, the fall is the busiest shipping period for FedEx Ground, while late December, June and July are the laggard periods. For FedEx Freight, the spring and fall are the busiest periods and the latter part of December, January and February are the slow periods.For FedEx Office, the summer months are commonly the bumper-to-bumper periods. Shipment lev els, operating costs and earnings for each of our companies can likewise be adversely touched by inclement weather, particularly the impact of unplayful winter weather in our third fiscal quarter. FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight represent our major service lines and, along with FedEx run, form the core of our reportable segments. Our reportable segments include the following businesses FedEx Express particle FedEx Ground division FedEx Freight separate FedEx Services Segment gt FedEx Express (express transportation) FedEx shell out Networks (air and nautical freight forwarding and customs brokerage) FedEx SupplyChain Systems (logistics services) FedEx Ground (small-package ground delivery) FedEx SmartPost (small-parcel consolidator) FedEx Freight (LTL freight transportation) FedEx usage hypercritical (time-critical transportation) FedEx Services (sales, marketing, selective education technology, communications and back-office functions) FedEx TechCo nnect (customer service, practiced support, billings and collections) FedEx Office (document and business services and package acceptance) 6 managements discussion and analysis FEDEX go SEGMENT The FedEx Services segment operates unite sales, marketing, administrative and information technology functions in dual-lane services operations that support our transportation businesses and allow us to obtain synergies from the compounding of these functions. For the international regions of FedEx Express, some of these functions are performed on a regional basis by FedEx Express and describe in the FedEx Express segment in expense line i

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