Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Can you make up a topic for me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Can you make up a topic for me - Essay deterrent exampletimes still carries out illicit affairs but they are done secretly and the wife may never be aware of what is happening and when a discovery is made, it completely shatters the marriage.In this caseful of marriage just like in a polygamous one, the woman is still the one to acquire and do it alone as she is expected to remain faithful. Engels does non see any subject wrong with such an positioning which I also disagree with as it is not unaccompanied unreasonable but it disregards the womans sexuality as well downplaying it to no importance at only. The question heavy in my brain is whether monogamous marriages are really worth it if the men are still picking up the polygamous culture but doing it secretly (Engels 2004).I agree with the explanations Yuval-Davis provides about how women and their decision making ability nonetheless on their own reproduction is denied to them. They are made to listen to the policies be ing made and follow the directives accustomed to them but not to complain. Women are not given a choice when it comes to their re full-bodied system as they are forced to have babies to continue the bloodline, fill a nation or even for social status. In cases where Malthusian theory is being practiced, the female children born or unborn are killed and only the male survive and this is decided by the man and not the woman. Women simply have no powers whether it is productive or reproductive roles and they are simply like automatons controlled by the men and made to do what the men want and this is absolutely unfair (Yuval-Davis 1997).I agree that the society has continually put pressure on women to agree with them about each and everything concerning their lives and have even moved to their reproductive life. Reproduction is the one thing that is and should remain private in a womans life and she should therefore hold all the reins when it comes to decisions about her reproductive health. She should be the one to make decisions about whether she wants a child or not and

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